Friday, January 23, 2009


Welcome to the Canadian Preppers Network!

As civil emergencies become more and more frequent. And civil authorities seem to be less and less able to prevent break-downs, it becomes more important for Canadians to have a plan of action to ensure their own well-being.

Thus, the Canadian Preppers Network is dedicated to enable every Canadian, whether they're dealing with rolling black-outs or a bug-out situation, to handle their particular emergency in an independent manner.


Bullseye said...

SWEEEEET !!!! Look forward to many more posts. I love the red...looks like your

American Prepper said...

I am granting you admin access to all the provinces, so you can start linking them together, like I did on this page. And start accepting contributors to the individual provinces. Make sure you trust people before you grant them admin access to their sites. Also, it's not advisable to give a contributor of one province admin access to another. It's also not advisable to allow more than 10 or so contributors to your canadian Preppers network (This Page), as you may end up getting too many posts to this page. Of course, as always, this is your network to do with as you wish.

Good Luck Canada,


Kymber said...

woohoo - we are up and running! and the red is awesome! i love it!

and again - big giant canadian maple leaf thanks to the American Prepper and Bullseye - we really appreciate all of your hard work in this!!!

and a big giant canadian maple leaf thanks to Cath at Team Hall for taking on the administration of the CPN - you rock gurl!


American Prepper said...

Kymber, if you have time, you should jump in and help Cath with linking up the sites. It's alot of work and I'm sure she could use the help.


American Prepper said...

See, this is exactly why I believed an american (as in U.S. american) has no business operating Canadian Preppers Network. I thought Newfoundland and Labrador were 2 different Provinces! Ha! Sorry about that guys. You know that this thing will definitely be widespread if Nunavut catches on. I don't know what the population is up there, but I'm sure there's not that many. Maybe some of the guys up in the mines or oil fields spend some time online. Who knows?

riverwalker said...

A big Texas welcome to our neighbors in the North. Good luck with your network!


Kymber said...

hey Riverwalker - we love big Texas welcomes up here in the North almost as much as we love Texans - thanks buddy!

Mamma Bear said...

Welcome to all of our Canadian friends! Glad to see you up and running!

TEAM HALL said...

Thanks Mama Bear! Up and walking...running by next week, I promise!

Shy Wolf said...

Team Canada! Big Howdy from almost-as-cold Minnesota to you. Welcome aboard the Preppers Network.

TEAM HALL said...

Shy Wolf, thanks for the warm (or is it cold) welcome aboard! lol