Saturday, February 28, 2009

Helpful Links

After spending the afternoon ready to pull my hair out...I am happy to announce that a "Helpful Links" section has been added to the CPN and all of the provincial networks! (Look on the right-hand side of the page!)

The Helpful Links section on the CPN and on all of the provincial networks contains links to the Canadian Centre of Emergency Preparedness, (a Real "must read" for all preppers!), Public Safety Canada, Emergency Telecommunications Canada and Emergency Management Portals for Communities in Canada (a great and cute little site full of interesting information). In addition to the afore-mentioned sites, all of the provincial networks have a link to their specific provincial Emergency Measures Organizations.

Please take the time to peruse these informative and helpful sites. And if you come across a website that you think should be added to the CPN or any of the provincial networks - contact me here.

and Keep on preppin'!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Status Update

Hey everyone - just a quick update on some changes here at the CPN!

At this time, our great and fearless leader, Team Hall, is taking a bit of a break. Don't worry - she will be back and guest-posting regularly - so no need to panic! There is no way that I would let her go without a guarantee that she provide us with a post on her much-anticipated and drool-worthy home management binder! And of course - more pantry pics!

So at this time, I would like to announce that I will be heading up the CPN and trying to fill Team Hall's amazing shoes! Team Hall - your shoes are pretty big but I will do my best - just like you taught me! Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment - we really appreciated your dedication and effort!

If you are interested in posting on any of the provincial networks or have any questions, please feel free to contact me here.

And remember - keep on preppin'!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


A few days ago, I received an email from Santa. No...really, I did!! lol Santa from West Virginia suggested that we do a post on Emergency Communications. Since this is a very important topic and I have zero experience, Santa graciously offered to do a post for us! Yay!! If you have any questions, Santa can be reached at Thank you so much for this!!!

“Emergency communication”
I wanted to see what the thoughts would be from our neighbors to the North on this subject. I have only recently been following this blog site and have been amazed with all the great information that people are posting. The one thing that seems to get very little attention is how we plan to talk with one another when the land line phones, cell phones and the internet are at best unreliable or non existent. If any of you are getting small groups together to try to survive the hard times ahead (at this point seems inevitable) then you will need to have a plan to be able to communicate with each other. There are several options that you may want to consider and prep for. The three most readily available means to do this would be GMRS/FRS radios, CB radios, and Ham radio. I am not familiar with Canadian law on rather you need Government issued licenses for the different radios, other than Ham radio, that you will need a license for.

Now for the pros and cons.

GMRS/FRS: These are very good for short distances with very little terrain interference. These are probably good for about 1 to 2 miles more or less depending on your location. They are very small and easy to carry with small antennas built in. One draw back to these is their range if you are in a city environment or in the mountains. The other draw back is the need for batteries.

CB radios: These have been around for a very long time and are readily available and fairly cheap at yard sales and flea markets. The range on these are much greater and when combined with a “linear” amplifier even better. (Check your local laws about the amplifier) While I will not advocate using these with a linear, (against the law here but not really enforced) in the past I have done this and have on many occasions talked from here in West Virginia to people in Canada. These radios come in many different forms, from plain 40 channel models to what here in the states are referred to as export radios. These export radios go way outside of the 40 channel cb band both below and above the 27.695 to 27.405 MHZ frequency range of the 40 channel models. Most of these “export” model radios are also more powerful than the standard cb, but also more$$$. These radios come in plug in the wall type for home use. There are also mobile versions normally used in a vehicle that work on 12 VDC power. These can also be used at home with either a power supply or on a solar and battery power setup. The cb type radios also need a much bigger antenna than the GMRS/FRS radios, but if you select the right antenna they are still reasonably portable and easy to set up with limited skills. One big draw back to the standard CB radio here is the foul mouthed people that are heard on the airwaves. (As I stated about the linear even though they are regulated by the Government the rules are rarely if ever enforced)

I saved the best for last.

Ham radio or Amateur radio: This has the best of all types of communication available, but these do require a license to operate and are very well organized and self regulated (No trash talk like the CB) by the people that chose to become ham operators. The entry level in ham radio is fairly cheap to get started in as there are many used radios around. Under the new licensing structure with a little studying anyone should be able to pass the test very easy. As you move up in the 3 levels of licensing here in the states you get more frequency range to use and more powerful radios along with that. While this is a great hobby it can get rather expensive once you move up in the levels of licensing do to the cost of the equipment. As I said though I saved the best for last. I am in no way wealthy but I have managed over the last 2 years to set up a rather nice base station .Since I got my ham license I have talked all around the world with a good mid line radio and well made antennas at home. Almost all of my antennas are home made and most are simple to conceal wire antennas strung up in the trees on my property. This type set up is also very portable if need be and can be setup almost anyplace. My work truck is also set up with radios and again I have made contacts all over the world from it. To give you an example back when I had a 2 hour commute very early in the morning, I would check in to the Early Bird net and there were regulars there everyday from Florida to Canada and from the east coast to the mid west and I was able to talk with most, if not all of those people while driving down the road. WOW it does not get much better than that. I could go on for ever on this topic but I would rather hear from some of our Northern neighbors if anyone is interested in hearing more. My home station at the moment has most of the wire antennas taken down to clear off some timber but they will be back up soon and I hope some of you will read this and maybe get on the airwaves to talk. I did find a few web sites for Canada so if you want to find out more info check them out. Feel free to ask if you have any questions I will do my best to help.
God Bless all from the hills of Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

CB or Ham radio?
Ham radio
Ham radio

Monday, February 23, 2009


We've been having a busy few days around here with 3 more new bloggers!

We'd like to welcome Mike1 to the New Brunswick Preppers Network.

Scarecrow has added to the Ontario Preppers Network.

Jambaloney will be blogging at the Nova Scotia Preppers Network.

So take a couple minutes to check out their new posts.

Thanks guys, and welcome aboard!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Big Canadian Welcome to a Great American Patriot

We would like to send out a Big Canadian Welcome to a Great American Patriot and Prepper, our Friend, Riverwalker. This Great Friend has offered to guest-post on a variety of province and territory Preppers Networks in order to help out here at the CPN.

Any experienced prepper in Canada or the US is probably already very familiar with Riverwalker's work - but for those of us newbie preppers...I direct you to his personal blog at Stealth Survival - where our man "stays above the waterline"! Riverwalker also contributes his knowledge and experience on the Texas Preppers Network, an affiliated Network of the American Preppers Network. In addition, he is the Western Region Coordinator for the American Preppers Network.

Since offering to guest-post on the CPN, he has posted excellent information on the Yukon Territory Preppers Network and, most recently, on the Nunavut Preppers Network. Please go and check out these informative posts. And stay on top of all of the province and territory Networks - who knows where he will pop up next???

Our deepest thanks go out to such a wonderful friend! Thank you for your great contribution to the CPN Riverwalker!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Ordinary Canadians care.

We are preparing for something unimaginable...something we don't want to happen. While we prepare for calamity and catastrophe, we need to remember the free world is resisting the horror of terrorists and their plans to disrupt our peaceful lives.

This shows how Canadians have spontaneously honoured, with pride and sorrow, the 108 heroes who have died for us all in Afghanistan.

"The whole purpose of the Highway of Heroes is that the families of our fallen soldiers understand they are not making the long drive with their deceased loved one alone. The entire country is shoulder to shoulder behind them. They never pass under a bridge without seeing throngs of people and flags all in honour of their loved one's sacrifice."
quote from awilliamson7, toronto Feb 6/09

Please take a few minutes to watch this....

The Highway of Heroes

Our American friends have made a request for their own Highway of Heroes.

God Bless

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Check out the Nova Scotia site this week for City Prepping Part II.

There's also a post on the Ontario site about stocking a pantry.

We'd still like to hear from more of you across Canada who are prepping. If you'd like to share some of your ideas, you can contact Kymber here.

Monday, February 16, 2009

An Invite to All

Are you interested in guest-posting on the Canadian Preppers Network?

If so, please contact Kymber here.

Everyone is welcome...and if you would like to know more information about the type of posts that would be welcome - check out the Canadian Preppers Network, the Ontario Preppers Network, the Nova Scotia Preppers Network and the American Preppers Network for ideas. The American Preppers Network also links to each of their State Preppers Networks.

The Canadian Preppers Network is still very new and we encourage anyone who is a "prepper" - whether you have been prepping for 20 years or 20 minutes - to get involved. Your participation will be greatly appreciated - you know that you have information that other people in your province or territory can really use. Step up, give it a try - you know that you want to!

Please come and join us!

Saturday, February 7, 2009