Saturday, February 28, 2009

Helpful Links

After spending the afternoon ready to pull my hair out...I am happy to announce that a "Helpful Links" section has been added to the CPN and all of the provincial networks! (Look on the right-hand side of the page!)

The Helpful Links section on the CPN and on all of the provincial networks contains links to the Canadian Centre of Emergency Preparedness, (a Real "must read" for all preppers!), Public Safety Canada, Emergency Telecommunications Canada and Emergency Management Portals for Communities in Canada (a great and cute little site full of interesting information). In addition to the afore-mentioned sites, all of the provincial networks have a link to their specific provincial Emergency Measures Organizations.

Please take the time to peruse these informative and helpful sites. And if you come across a website that you think should be added to the CPN or any of the provincial networks - contact me here.

and Keep on preppin'!


American Prepper said...

Awesome Job Kymber!!

Kymber said...

it means the world coming from you, buddy!

erniesjourney said...

hehehahahahehhhe! You can always wear a wig!!! Just kidding - great job Kymber!

Kymber said...

bahahaha! too true ernie...and honestly - after today - i am gonna need a wig!
or better yet - a tinfoil hat will cover the missing hair - bahahaha!
thanks for commenting, my friend! glad to see you here at the CPN!

Marie said...

Looking at your helpful link section has me thinking about checking to see if there are equivalent links in my state--thanks for the ideas. The site looks great!

Kymber said...

Marie - thanks so much for stopping by! The Idaho Preppers Network is one that i check regularly (and your last post entitled "if you are just starting" - is only one of a million reasons why!)
thanks for all of your hard work, friend - you are helping so many of us!

Bullseye said...

Great job on the links Kymber. Those are great information for all and can now be found for all who visit CPN. Makes it easy in case of emergency. Super Duper Job !!

wvsanta said...

Great job you are doing here. Sorry to hear you are pulling your hair out OUCH LOL...Keep up the good work and I am working on more but have been very busy reading and then reading more. I will be in touch soon
God bless you and yours

Kymber said...

hey Bull...thanks for stopping by...can always count on you to keep up on what is happening on the CPN!

and Santa - you honour us with your comments! but like Ernie said - heck - i can always just wear a wig - and doing those links taught me a lot about how to do better for the network...but anyway Santa - if you ever have an extra post laying around - we love your posts here at the stay in touch eh? we love having you (you are getting close to being on equal ground to Riverwalker when it comes to guest-posting on the CPN --- and that is saying something for real eh?)

wvsanta said...

Thank You Kymber for the kind words
God bless

Worn Out said...

Thank you Kymberk for your comment on Mississippi Preppers, I hope to get it together more soon. Things are wonderful over here on Canadian Preppers!

Anonymous said...

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