Friday, February 20, 2009


Ordinary Canadians care.

We are preparing for something unimaginable...something we don't want to happen. While we prepare for calamity and catastrophe, we need to remember the free world is resisting the horror of terrorists and their plans to disrupt our peaceful lives.

This shows how Canadians have spontaneously honoured, with pride and sorrow, the 108 heroes who have died for us all in Afghanistan.

"The whole purpose of the Highway of Heroes is that the families of our fallen soldiers understand they are not making the long drive with their deceased loved one alone. The entire country is shoulder to shoulder behind them. They never pass under a bridge without seeing throngs of people and flags all in honour of their loved one's sacrifice."
quote from awilliamson7, toronto Feb 6/09

Please take a few minutes to watch this....

The Highway of Heroes

Our American friends have made a request for their own Highway of Heroes.

God Bless


  1. ack Boss...ya got me bawling!
    ugh. i still have buddies serving over there.
    we are proud of our fallen heroes, true patriots that gave their lives - and we are proud of our military.
    thanks for this boss - as a veteran - it means the world to be reminded just how patriotic canadian citizens are - especially in regards to our military.
    now i have to go and blow my nose.

  2. Being the son of a Vietnam Veteran this really touches my heart. After a year of people trying to kill him, waiting 6 weeks to find out his son had been born and 6 months to see his son for the first time, my father came home to nothing from the people he was sent to protect. My heart goes out to all who have served and gave their lives for freedom. I know that Canadians are true Patriots just like Americans are and I am proud to have you all as my "Neighbors to the North". God Bless them all and the thing that fought and died for, FREEDOM !!!

  3. Wow Bullseye, you made me cry!

    Kymber: We're going to need more kleenex over here! And thank you for serving our country!!

  4. Team Hall
    WOW the video was great but I must admit it brought tears to my eyes. As a veteran myself it is always touching to me to see our brothers and sisters honored as they should be. I for one think that the Americans need to do much more to pay tribute to or fallen military men and women, for without there sacrifice we would not be free!!!! I would like to personally thank or Canadian brothers and sisters for there efforts during these most difficult times. God Bless

  5. Hiya Santa!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to watch that video! And thank you for the kind words!!

  6. Thank you so much is so nice to realize that although we are separate countries - we are part of a greater whole - North America! And the APN and the CPN are bringing together all of the North American brothers and sisters - patriots and preppers - all of us!