Monday, February 16, 2009

An Invite to All

Are you interested in guest-posting on the Canadian Preppers Network?

If so, please contact Kymber here.

Everyone is welcome...and if you would like to know more information about the type of posts that would be welcome - check out the Canadian Preppers Network, the Ontario Preppers Network, the Nova Scotia Preppers Network and the American Preppers Network for ideas. The American Preppers Network also links to each of their State Preppers Networks.

The Canadian Preppers Network is still very new and we encourage anyone who is a "prepper" - whether you have been prepping for 20 years or 20 minutes - to get involved. Your participation will be greatly appreciated - you know that you have information that other people in your province or territory can really use. Step up, give it a try - you know that you want to!

Please come and join us!

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