Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Big Canadian Welcome to our Friend Winston Smith

Hey everybody - we at the CPN are very proud to announce that Winston Smith is now taking over the British Columbia Preppers Network!

Please check out his latest posts - Winston has provided extensive information on all of the threats that we may face!

Head over to the BCPN and welcome our newest addition!

Thank you Winston - we will all benefit from your knowledge and tireless efforts!


jambaloney said...

Welcome Winston!

Wow - you have already provided a TON of information that can hep people live healthier and safer lives!

awesome - thanks for jumping on board so quick!

American Prepper said...

Welcome from your friends in America Winston!

soldierman57 said...

Yes welcome to APN. Thank you for being here
god bless

Winston Smith said...

Thanks everyone, what a community you've happened upon here. Hope my contributions will encourage healthy debate in a positive direction. Really glad to be aboard.


Zenon said...

Hi Winston, welcome aboard the CPN!
Did'nt have the time to brouse your page so far, but I'll get to it asap.

Zénon from the Québec PN

Winston Smith said...

Just a personal plug everyone. We'd love to have you all come and join us at GROUNDSWELL.
We're a new activist group here in Vancouver but it doesn't matter where you're living. We want your voices to share in the mix. And we will be challenging the gov't on SPP and other such atrocities including the highly secret CFB Fima camps which have been set up in lock step with the US Fima Camps, Codex Alimentarius, Chemtrails, HAARP interference, the deceptive marketing practices & dangers of Aspartame, MSG, Mercury, Fluoride, Bisphenal A, our serious water contamination, the ongoing crisis of vaccine fillers and the tax lie/dispensing with the Corporate Contract we all adhere to without choice from birth thus restoring one's identity as a Natural Person. We fully intend to use all the powers & services at our disposal - Ombudsmen, Notaries, MP's, MLA's, Journalists, Doctors, Food Experts, Chemists, Lawyers, Radio/Internet Podcasts, Class Action Suits, Rallies, Petitions etc to meet this tyranny head on and reclaim our sovereign rights not only as Canadians but as human beings. thanks my friends!