Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Post by Another Prepper

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If You Want the Rewards, You Have to Do the Work

At our public library, like libraries everywhere, there is a summer reading program for children. There is a list of prizes to be won, and the more books that a child reads, the more prizes they are able to earn. The concept is simple: the more you work, the bigger the reward.

Now for the purposes of this post, let’s call one child "A" and another child "B". Both are good readers for their age level. Both wanted to sign up for the reading program. Let’s also say that sign up for this program begins the beginning of June and ends sometime near the end of June, so there is some leeway--the earlier you start, the more slack you are giving yourself in terms of accomplishing your goal.

Let’s also say that the scenario at this point (somewhere in between the beginning and ending dates for the reading program sign-up) is that:

-- "A" has started reading books in earnest. "A" knows which prizes on the list are the desired ones, and is zealously reading to attain them.

---"B" likes the list, but not so much being told to read. When it is pointed out that "A" will end up with prizes, and "B" will not if this trend continues, "B"’s response is "I don’t care."

What does this scenario have to do with prepping?

--In terms of prepping, everyone is at different levels. The goal is the same: get prepared. Some can prepare faster than others for various reasons, such as having more experience or knowledge, or even money. The fact remains that everyone can do a good job for where they are at.

---Also, when it comes to prepping, the rewards are the same, even if the exact efforts, (like the books being read) are not identical. Everyone wants the same things when it comes down to it--enough water to drink, enough food to eat, shelter, security, etc. When it comes to preparing for emergencies, in most cases how much you prepare will be directly tied to which of these basic "rewards" will be available to you when a crisis hits.

---Fortunately, for most people there is still time to prepare, giving nearly all of us a little leeway if our goal is to get prepared. If, for example, our funds for prepping are low, there are still things that we can do. If you are reading this, it means that you have access to a computer. You can use a computer to learn about how to better prepare for emergencies, how to cook with the basic staples you have managed to amass, and how to learn skills that you may need in an emergency situation.

--It would be very surprising indeed if anyone "liked" talking about emergencies and all the consequences that come with them. It is possible that sometimes there seems to be so much to do that people get overwhelmed and decide that they just "don’t care" anymore. They will care when they are not prepared.

And child "B" will almost undoubtedly care a lot more if/when child "A" reaps the rewards of hard work, and child "B" doesn’t. Thing is, child "B" still has a chance to get the rewards on the list. And with few exceptions, everyone still has the opportunity to prepare, even if knowledge is the "only" thing we can afford to stock up on right now.

Child "A" is off to a good start. Child "B" can do better. Both situations can change, because there is still time. If we are prepping, let’s say we continue. If we are just starting, or are overwhelmed, let’s say we do better. There’s still time.


Also, check out Another Prepper's new blog "Live on Your Feet"...I love the tagline - "Live on Your Feet. Stand Up and Be Heard."

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