Monday, August 10, 2009

A New Blog - "What Is a Prepper"

A few members of the APN have come together and created a new blog called "What Is A Prepper" - with the tagline - "Defining the Attitude". Why was the new blog created?

According to the site:

"What we want to accomplish is for people to come and help us define PREPPER without the use of a few common terms that almost everyone associates to this word.

Words like SURVIVALIST, SURVIVOR or PATRIOT are used in articles posted everywhere you look. And while those words describe parts of it, there is more to 'Prepper' than that. There are fundamental concepts of self-reliance, independence and freedom that encompasses those descriptions and more.

So this blog has been created to offer a place for others to expand on the concept of Prepper, and to give further definition by example to it's many facets.

We hope that in doing so, a broader term to describe a greater good is made."

What is your definition of a Prepper? Why not head over to the new blog and leave your definition and read others'? Trust me - when you see the great graphics and awesome layout of the new blog - you will be happy that you did!

Let's all try to come together and define this word in a way that makes us all comfortable to be called a Prepper!


matthiasj said...

Thanks for the tip Kymber. I think a prepper is anyone who preps. No matter how extensive or how small your prepping is, if you're into preparedness on any level, you're a prepper.

Kymber said...

Matt - make sure to submit your definition to the site - i like it!
an thanks for stopping by!

What Is A Prepper said...
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Kymber said...

No problem at all WIAP - i think that it is very important for Canadians to get involved in this project too! i hope that everyone takes the time to go and define what prepper means to them - it is the only way that we will all be able to come to a consensus of who we are!

the website is awesome btw!

What Is A Prepper said...

Thanks Kymber for helping to get the word out. I do feel it is very important for the Canadians to get involved with this.

What Is A Prepper
Help define the attitude

What Is A Prepper said...

Sorry for the mix up on the comment. You are so correct with your response. We need to define this in a very clear fashion. The Canadian point of view is very important if we want the world to understand this new word.

What Is A Prepper
Help define the attitude