Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Calling All Canadian Preppers

Do you feel the need to start cutting back your spending/consumerism based on the economic challenges that we here in Canada face today? Are you interested in finding ways to save on your monthly food bill and all of your other household expenses?

Do you worry that you don't have enough food stocked in your pantry? Do you not even have a pantry?

Have you recently lost your job or are worried about your current job situation?

Have you wondered why the Canadian government has set up so many preparedness websites, Emergency Management Offices and other agencies that recommend that everyone have a 72-hour bag and at least 3 days worth of food stocked?

Are you in the early stages of prepping and feel overwhelmed when you see how far others are ahead of you in their preps? Do you worry that you will never catch up?

Do you think about prepping and the prepping lifestyle and wish to start but just don't know where to begin?

Have you been prepping for several years, have a fully-stocked pantry, are looking into alternative methods of heating your home and are quite confident that you can make it through the tough times ahead?

Are you concerned about avalanches, earthquakes, power outages, hurricanes, severe storms or wildfires?

Are you a full-blown, full-time, hard-core survivalist with a bunker and/or a tin-foil hat?

If you answered "maybe", "kinda-sorta", "not sure" or a resounding "YES" to any of the questions - then you have come to the right place!

And guess what? - we NEED you here at the CPN!!!

The CPN and all of the province sites were created in order to spread a message - a message that there is hope in these difficult times, and that there are people who care enough and are willing to share all of their knowledge, experience and wisdom!!! If you are just starting out in your preps or if you have been living the prepping lifestyle for 75+ years - we need your contribution in order to reach, help and teach as many people as possible! In order to do this - all levels of prepping-related experience are required!!!

Here at the CPN we have contributing authors who are all at different levels in their preps. Our contributing authors post articles on a variety of subjects and they do so voluntarily - because they care!!!

Do you care? Do you wish to join a community of like-minded individuals whose goal is to share information? If so, please contact Kymber here.

And for any of our American or international friends who care and wish to contribute - the CPN always accepts guest-posts! But be sure to check out the American Preppers Network too!

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