Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well it's the 24th of December and we all know what that means!

I want to wish all our readers and friends a very merry Christmas and we wish you all the very best in the coming new year! May all your families be blessed!

And for a little Christmas fun I found the following video very funny!

On a side note:  We still have had no word from Kymber so I'm asking that you all keep her and Jamie in your prayers and thoughts in this season.

I'll be posting some updates in the new year in regards to some CPN changes in Kymber's absence that I am currently working out.

Wishing for the best, preparing for the worst!

Frazer, Out!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

We Miss You Kymber! Please Come Back!- Off Topic

Hey everyone.  Something has been on my heart for a while now.  Those of us who do the writing for the CPN and the sister provincial networks haven't heard from our boss lady Kymber in a while and I've been getting concerned about her wellbeing.  So Kymber if you are at least reading these posts please let us know you're alright.  

Last I heard she was going through a legal battle over some property and I don't know if maybe funds got tight and she couldn't keep the Internet or something but she hasn't been responding to emails.  Another possibility is that her and her husband lost their jobs and have been cutting costs and one of those costs might have been the Internet.  Honestly I don't know what has happened or where she has been but I'm sure most of us have been missing her.

I don't give out email addresses that people have trusted to me and I don't intend to make hers more public than it already is.  It's available if you click on the part of the blog where you can volunteer to blog for the networks but i don't want to plaster the email address in a blog so what I am going to do is give you guys my email address where you can contact me and put in the subject line "We Miss You Kymber Please Come Back" and I'll forward the email to her personal account which she has given me.  I'll be having Outlook screen for that sentence in the subject line and automatically forward them to her so please make sure you put

Kymber We Miss You

And any other message you want after that in the subject line of the email and my computer will send her the message.
Keep our boss lady in your prayers and send good thoughts her way!

Kymber was an energetic asset to our little community and I hope and pray all is well with her!

You can email me so that I can forward the message to her here

And Kymber if you're reading this send us a message or comment on the blog!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The CPN Welcomes another contributing author - Gerald!!!

The CPN is proud to announce that we have a new contributing author - Welcome Gerald!

Gerald is a close and personal friend of mine who has spent years gaining knowledge and wisdom in prepping/survivalist-related fields such as aquaculture, casting his own bullets, black powder and muzzle-loaders, square-foot gardening, sustained-living and...well...there really isn't too much that he doesn't know about!

Gerald will be posting mainly at the Prince Edward Island Preppers Network - in fact - you can check out his first post on "Duckweed" and how we all can start using this miracle plant to shorten our food chain here.

In addition, Gerald will also be found posting at the Nunavut Preppers Network, the Northwest Territories Preppers Network and the Yukon Preppers Network at times. Check out his first post on "The Modern Peasant's Longbow" at the Yukon Preppers Network here.

Both posts are very interesting reads and you can be sure that he will have many more!

Please join me in welcoming Gerald to our team at the CPN! Welcome Gerald!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The CPN Welcomes it's newest member: Tabby!

We at the CPN are very glad to welcome our newest contributing member to the Saskatchewan Preppers Network - Tabby!

Tabby is a fiesty hippie with 40 acres in Saskatchewan on which she plans to build her organic, permaculture-inspired dream - Summerberry Farm!

Her introductory post on the SKN is already up (yes - I messed up again!) and as she does her introduction much better than I can - head on over and meet this super-cool gal!

(oh...and for all of you wondering where our ever-bouncing from province to province Frazer is - he is now taking over at the Alberta Preppers Network! Ya just got to love him!)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Briden Solutions - EPW 2010 Great Deal, Contest and Event

During Emergency Preparedness Week 2010 (May 2-8), Briden Solutions is hosting a Great Contest, a Great Deal and a Great Event for the Canadian Public.

The Great Deal?
How about 10% off all of their 72-hour kits?!?!? The 72-hour kits are available for up to 5 people and in Basic and Deluxe Formats - for more information - go here!

The Great Contest?
How would you like to win your choice of a Food For Health Emergency Food Supply Bucket or a Volcano 2 Collapsible Cook Stove!!!!

Here's how to enter: Between Sunday May 2 and Saturday May 8 2010, simply tell your friends or family about any of Briden Solutions products by visiting any product page and use the ' Email a Friend ' button. Follow the instructions to send a friendly email and you're entered in the draw!

You can email up to ten friends per hour, for each unique friend (email address) that you send to, you will receive one entry into the draw. The winner will be chosen by random drawing on Monday May 9 2010, and receive their choice of 1 Food for Health Emergency Food Supply Bucket, or 1 Volcano II Collapsible Cook Stove; including free shipping to their home.


In order to distinguish your entries from other public entries - Please ensure to include the word "Prepper" when prompted to add your name on the 'Email a Friend' form. For example: John Doe - Prepper"

This will allow Briden Solutions the ability to separate public entries vs. CPN entries and will enable them to ensure that at least one CPN member will win a prize!

Please note the following disclaimer from the Briden Solutions website:

Please send only to people you know. Any complaints of spam will result in the persons name being removed from the draw. Briden does not save the email addresses used in this contest, and there will be no further contact to any of your family or friends from Briden unless they join our newsletter or purchase a product.

And last but not least - the Great Event!

CARPE VITA - Seize the Life - is a fund raising benefit auction being held at Samaritan's Purse, Calgary, Alberta on May 8 to raise funds to help rebuild lives and infrastructure, after the devasting earthquake in Haiti. Briden Solutions will be on site to teach about emergency preparedness and also receive resources donated by the Public Safety and Alberta Health Region for how to be prepared for any emergency. For more information on this great event - go here.

So to any Alberta Preppers in the area - make sure to check out this great event!

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Great Canadian Company: Briden Solutions!

Are you looking for a Canadian company that has a passion for helping individuals, families and communities to become better prepared? Then look no further than Briden Solutions!

Briden Solutions is a Canadian company working to deliver the message of preparedness to fellow Canadians. As a Canadian-based company, Briden Solutions ships to Canada from Canada - which means no border issues, no duties, no brokerage fees and no customs fees!!!

Some of their products include:
  • 72 Hour emergency kits for home, office, vehicles, and custom kits for other needs
  • Unique food & water storage containers, including the 125 & 250 Gallon Super Tanker and Gamma stackable food storage units
  • Bulk food storage systems and products including organic and non-organic
  • Dry pack foods
  • Time based food storage packages - 1 month, 3 month & 12 months
  • Outdoor, survival, camping, hiking and preparedness gear
In addition, Briden Solutions takes a "hands-on" approach in delivering the message of preparedness by offering:
  • Preparedness Assessments for your Home, Office or Town
  • Customized Recommendations in your preparedness planning and needs based on your individual assessment and budget
I have it on good authority that Briden Solutions will be offering some special discounts during Emergency Preparedness Week 2010 (May 2-8) and Briden Solutions will also be hosting a contest at the CPN in the near future - so stay tuned for that!!!

Make sure to check out Briden Solutions FIRST for all of your emergency preparedness and prepping needs!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some changes at the CPN and another great contest

The CPN is proud to welcome Ancient Dragon as our newest regularly-contributing member to the Manitoba Preppers Network. Ancient Dragon did a guest-post for the MPN a few weeks back and I guess my constant nagging paid off as he has agreed to take over the MPN from here on! Thanks AD!!!

For those of you already sobbing tears into your coffee wondering "But what about Frazer?" - dry your tears, friends - Frazer is moving on to work his magic at the Saskatchewan Preppers Network so be sure to follow him there!!!

In addition - be sure to check out Humble Wife's amazing food storage giveaway here!

Friday, April 2, 2010

And the winner of the Emergency Survival Seeds from Hometown Seeds is:

...dah-da-dah - Scarecrow!!!! Congrats my friend! Send me your full mailing address - and I will forward that to Hometown Seeds!

Thanks to all who entered the contest. And a big thanks to our friends at Hometown Seeds!!! We hope to participate in many more contests with you!

(for anyone interested in knowing the technical process that was used during selecting the winner...we used the same technical process as referred to here.)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Guest Post from Ancient Dragon on the Manitoba Preppers Network

Make sure to check out Ancient Dragon's guest post on the MPN here. Ancient Dragon has been a preparedness advocate for years and he shares his prepper "pet peeves" on bug-out bags!!! It's a great and fun read!!! Enjoy!!!

and thanks Ancient Dragon! We hope to get more articles from you in the future!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A note from Doug - Our Winner of the Safecastle LLC Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods

Here is a note from Doug about his prize!!!!


Hello to my friends at the Canadian Preppers Network. I'm a little behind in my report, but the Mountain House prize pack did arrive... eventually. The Canadian supplier had received a large order right before the Christmas holidays, which depleted their stocks, so my package was a little late to arrive.

When it did arrive at the local post office, I knew immediately what it was... and so did everyone else who saw the package, before I picked it up, and after I left the post office. Unfortunately, Mountain House isn't too concerned about OPSEC... their name is plastered across the box for all to see. Ok, this was a free prize, and free stuff is always nice, but in the world of 'preppers' and preparedness, most people don't want everyone around them to see them carrying a box of LTS food.

Upon arrival at home, I quickly opened the box. I was excited to get a look at the cans. As you can see... fairly standard can, nice label, includes preparation instructions, and a best-before date (my stuff is good till at least 2034!).

When Kymber asked me if I had tried anything yet, I regrettably had to say no. Unfortunately, Mountain House recommends that the contents be eaten immediately upon opening. Although they do provide plastic lids for the cans, and state that upon opening, testing has shown that contents will be good for up to one week. So while we’re eager to try it, we also don’t plan on eating an entire can of anything right away, so it will remain stored until needed. (see Kymberz note below)

Also, if you are on a low-sodium diet, or blood pressure medication, you might want to be sure you’ve got some extra on hand. Mountain House states in their FAQ ( : Why do you put so much sodium in your product? Our products are designed to fit a high-performance lifestyle, replacing some of the sodium lost during heavy exertion.

There isn’t much else to report; We’re happy to have won the contest, and these will store nicely until we need them. A couple of things to consider; heavy on the salt (so be sure to get outside and do some physical activity!), and potential OPSEC breach, if that sort of thing concerns you.

Thanks again CPN!


Thanks Doug - we really appreciate your taking the time to do this write-up...and we hope you enjoy your prize!!!


Kymberz note:

Vic, from Safecastle LLC had the following to say in regards to how long the food will last once opened:

"MH lawyers will tell you that the food is good for one to two weeks at room temp once a can is open if it is kept dry and covered/"sealed" with the plastic lid that comes with it. In reality, you can at least double that--and if you refrigerate it, it will further extend that length of time."

Vic also said that our own Bow Beauchamp had recently done a test drive of the MH foods while out in the bush. Bow's review (which can also be found here):

I have been using my Mountain House foods during my winter adventures, research and training. I think it is a great staple for the bush. I especially, like the chicken teriyaki.

I've used the food as directed and prepared the varieties in the bush, just adding boiled water. I have had no issues at all with the cans or the food value. I found the portions that they suggested to be a good amount for one person for one meal. Being that I'm 6'1" and 223 lbs. and it filled the hold in my stomach in the bush, its a good portion!!

Some other meal products that I have tried in the past I've found their suggested servings to be a little on the small portion side
to say the least and the taste and quality of the other foods I found poor.

These cans had good clear instructions on them. They suggested that once opened to use them within the week. I tried an experiment with one can and, after opening it, left it. I used it 3 weeks later and the results were excellent--no problems--no loss of flavor or food value.

My conclusion--Mountain House cans make a good bush staple. I think they make a great product.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Great Contest for all Canadians - Sponsored by Hometown Seeds!

Our good friends at Hometown Seeds want us all to have peace of mind for our families! And they have graciously offered to sponsor a contest here at the CPN!!!

So how can Hometown Seeds help to provide peace of mind to our lucky winner? How about an awesome package of Emergency Survival Seeds, shipped to anywhere in Canada, for free? I recently wrote about winning a contest at the APN Forum and my prize was a package of Emergency Survival Seeds. I was very impressed with the care that went into the packaging and the healthy look and feel of all of the seeds! You can read more about it here.

The Emergency Survival Seed package includes 16 easy-to-grow, non-hybrid and GMO-free seeds. The vacuum-sealed package will make a great addition to your long-term food storage and has a minimum shelf-life of 5 years - or 10 years if you keep them in the freezer! The package also comes with an in-depth instruction pamphlet and growing guide.

So what do you have to do to enter? Simply leave a comment here on this post and be sure to say "Hometown Seeds - bringing peace of mind to Canadian families!". You can enter once a day until April 1st when the winner will be chosen by a random draw.

In addition, Hometown Seeds is also offering a 10% discount to all Canadians who place an order from now until April 30 - that's an excellent deal considering that Hometown Seeds carries a great variety of seeds!!! Be sure to enter "Canada" in the coupon code when ordering to get the 10% discount!!!

Good luck to everyone and a big Thanks to our friends at Hometown Seeds!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010


For anyone interested in following this year's gardening adventures (stop rolling your eyes Scarecrow!) - I will be documenting the journey (with pics!!!) at the Newfoundland and Labrador Preppers Network!!! The first post is already up!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Big Thanks to Scott and the Good Folks at Hometown Seeds

In the beginning of February 2010, I won a contest at the APN Forum. The prize? An "Emergency Survival Seed" package from Hometown seeds!!! I was very excited to win the seeds because I needed the seeds. Why? Well since this is our last full year living here in Ottawa, Ontario before we make the move to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia (over 1,000 miles away) - we have decided that this year's garden is to be much smaller than other years and we have also decided not to purchase any "new" seeds this year - we planned to use only seeds that we had saved from previous years. So winning this seed package means I was able to get "new" seed without spending any money. And everyone likes "new" seeds!!!

So a few days ago my "prize" arrived! What did I win? How about a couple of pics to show you what a great prize I won!!!

The hand-written Thank You note from Scott was a very nice touch! Thank you Scott!

Here is a pic of the vacuum-sealed bag listing the 16 types of easy-to-grow, 100% non-hybrid Emergency Survival Seeds.

Here is the 8-page pamphlet describing each type of seed and planting guide.

And although the Emergency Survival Seeds are for long term storage, I opened the bag because I plan to actually plant some of these seeds. I will vacuum-seal the rest and store them in the freezer for future years' gardens.

So I haven't planted any of them yet and can't speak to the viability, germination rate or quality of the seeds - but I will come back and do an update once some of the seeds have been planted and their produce is harvested.

However, I can speak to the care that went into the packaging, the healthy look and feel of the seeds and the fact that Hometown Seeds have very good prices and ship to Canada! So be sure to check them out when purchasing this years seeds!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Woohoo! The CPN Welcomes another contributing author - Welcome Cory!!!

The CPN is very proud proud to introduce our newest contributing author - Cory!!! Welcome, Welcome Cory!!!

Although Cory lives in Ontario - in true CPN-fashion he has agreed to take over posting at the BC Preppers Network until we can find a permanent author there. Until then...a little bird has told me that we can expect a new series at the BC Preppers Network - something along the lines of "Energy Tips My Wife Hates" - oh we can't wait for that one, Cory!!!

In addition - and from Cory's own lips:

"My goal is to do a post or two a week and I’ll cover things a young Canadian family like mine can do to take steps toward preparedness and independence including:

- debt repayments
- simple energy efficiency tips
- easy first prepping steps
- planning and building a new (semi) off-grid home

Being fairly new to prepping I’m hoping to document my progress on these topics and learn from the comments of other preppers.

For now I’ll leave you with my personal motto:

“If you don’t take control of your life, somebody else will.” " are a very welcome addition to the CPN! We look very much forward to your posts!

Please join me in welcoming Cory to the CPN!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The CPN Welcomes it's newest contributing author - Allan "Bow" Beauchamp!

The CPN is very proud to welcome Allan "Bow" Beauchamp as our newest contributing author!!!

Allan "Bow" Beauchamp, born in Porcupine, Ontario, is a renowned survival and primitive skills instructor and consultant. He has acted as a consultant for Les Stroud on TV's "Survivorman" series, and also supported Les Stroud on his new book entitled "Survive."

Previously, Bow taught a survival program for 10 years at a university, taught primitive skills courses at local Native reserves, and was featured on the television series "The Great Outdoorsman". Bow has also hosted training over the years for law enforcement agencies, the Canadian Forces, and many local groups.

Bow has also recently been appointed as a Safecastle LLC Advisory Board Member.

Some of Bow’s recognized expertise include: search and rescue, rope rescue, teaching survival and primitive skills programs (to many government agencies), bushcraft, N.O.T.S. man-tracking (developed by Bow), psychology of survival, flint-knapping, bow-making, nature awareness, spirituality, edible plants, bush medicines, traditional fire-starting, and natural navigation. He has been continually researching and improving his extreme survival winter skills for over 30 years!

The CPN will be showcasing some of Bow’s previously-written articles from Wildwood Survival – an excellent survival website run by Walter Muma. Watch for these, and new articles, to pop up on the Northwest Territories Preppers Network, the Nunavut Preppers Network and the Yukon Preppers Network!

Please join me in welcoming Bow!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Frazer is on the Prepper Podcast!!!

Woohoo! The CPN is proud to announce that our own Frazer, from the Manitoba Preppers Network, was the guest on Episode 22 of the Preppers Podcast (the Preppers Podcast is run by our friend Matt of the Kentucky Preppers Network!).

Anyway - Frazer did the CPN proud (as always!) and discussed a variety of prepping-related topics such as his having a preparedness mindset since he was young (probably from growing up on his Grandparents' farm where they "just lived the life"), he always had some form of "bug-out bag", eventually got into stocking up food, started planning for power outages, tuna, his prepping on a budget series, Everyday Carry Bags - and of course - his love of "toys" and "gadgets"!

Matt also mentioned all the different video posts that Frazer does and said how much he enjoyed them! Frazer does have some great video posts - if you haven't checked them out, then do so!!!

A big thanks to Frazer for representing the CPN so well...and a big thanks to Matt for always including the CPN on the Prepper Podcast!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Maplecon 2010

A big Thanks goes out to our friend Wolfe from for passing this info on to us!

WHAT: Maplecon 2010 QRP Gathering

: August 20-22, 2010

: Emily Provincial Park, Omemee, Ontario.

: To gather with fellow QRPers for a fun/relaxing weekend of camping, QRP operating, demonstrations, telling of tall tales, show & tell, swap/trade/sell of equipment surplus to your needs, and chance to win fabulous prizes!

: QRPers from across Ontario and the surrounding areas

: World’s Simplest Antenna Building Contest included with every paid registration, with prizes to the winners!

Please check out Maplecon 2010 here for more news and announcements!

RW/Stealth Survival's Awesome Food Inventory Spreadsheet

If you haven't already downloaded Rilverwalker's Food Inventory Spreadsheet, you can get it here:

Thanks for always sharing your resources and expertise Riverwalker!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Your Blog/Website/Forum on the CPN

Do you have a survival/preparedness blog, website or forum that you would like to see permanently linked to the CPN (see "Preppers Forums and Sites of Interest" and "Prepper/Survival Blogs" on the left-hand side of the page)? The CPN is always proud to link to sites that have a common goal of sharing information and helping people to become more self-sufficient and better prepared!

If so, leave a comment here with a link to your site, or contact Kymber here.

If your site is accepted, the CPN will host a permanent link to your site with the expectation that you will host a permanent link to the CPN on your site - it's a great way to make sure that the preparedness message reaches as many as possible!

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Brand New Look for a brand new year!

The CPN is proud to announce that all of the province blogs have brand new mastheads!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank American Prepper - firstly, for his having the foresight and vision to create the CPN when he created the APN; secondly, for his incredible friendship and support over the past year; and, thirdly, for taking such care in creating these gorgeous province mastheads - he spent hours pouring over pictures trying to find the "exact" right one for each province!

Have a peak at each one and let us know what you think! And make sure to take the time to thank our friend, American Prepper, for the great work that he has done!

Alberta Preppers Network
British Columbia Preppers Network
Manitoba Preppers Network
New Brunswick Preppers Network
Newfoundland and Labrador Preppers Network
Northwest Territories Preppers Network
Nova Scotia Preppers Network
Nunavut Preppers Network
Ontario Preppers Network
Prince Edward Island Preppers Network
Quebec Preppers Network
Saskatchewan Preppers Network
Yukon Preppers Network

Thanks so much AP!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Update on the CPN's Geocaching Travel Bugs

For those that aren't yet aware, the CPN let loose two geocaching bugs with the mission of crisscrossing the country spreading the word about the Network. The first TB was released in Victoria BC in early December 2009. This is affectionately called the West to East TB.

The progress and present where abouts of the W --> E TB can be monitored here.

The East to West TB is currently in the hands of a geocacher in Bishop's Falls Nfld. We are currently awaiting for it to be placed in a local cache to begin its cross-country journey.

You can monitor the E --> W TB location and progress here.

We'll keep you updated when the bugs move to new destinations.

A big shout-out to Scarecrow for coming up with idea, getting all the stuff required to do this and sending those bugs on their merry ways! The CPN is very excited by this great adventure!

And to all geocachers out there participating in this great adventure - thanks so much for your participation - we really appreciate it!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

All the Best for 2010

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

2010 already smells like good things coming...let's make our mission for 2010 be to reach more people, help more people, and prep like there's no tomorrow! And let's do it all with our hearts full of faith and love!

From all of us at the CPN to all of you and yours - Happy 2010!