Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Big Thanks to Scott and the Good Folks at Hometown Seeds

In the beginning of February 2010, I won a contest at the APN Forum. The prize? An "Emergency Survival Seed" package from Hometown seeds!!! I was very excited to win the seeds because I needed the seeds. Why? Well since this is our last full year living here in Ottawa, Ontario before we make the move to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia (over 1,000 miles away) - we have decided that this year's garden is to be much smaller than other years and we have also decided not to purchase any "new" seeds this year - we planned to use only seeds that we had saved from previous years. So winning this seed package means I was able to get "new" seed without spending any money. And everyone likes "new" seeds!!!

So a few days ago my "prize" arrived! What did I win? How about a couple of pics to show you what a great prize I won!!!

The hand-written Thank You note from Scott was a very nice touch! Thank you Scott!

Here is a pic of the vacuum-sealed bag listing the 16 types of easy-to-grow, 100% non-hybrid Emergency Survival Seeds.

Here is the 8-page pamphlet describing each type of seed and planting guide.

And although the Emergency Survival Seeds are for long term storage, I opened the bag because I plan to actually plant some of these seeds. I will vacuum-seal the rest and store them in the freezer for future years' gardens.

So I haven't planted any of them yet and can't speak to the viability, germination rate or quality of the seeds - but I will come back and do an update once some of the seeds have been planted and their produce is harvested.

However, I can speak to the care that went into the packaging, the healthy look and feel of the seeds and the fact that Hometown Seeds have very good prices and ship to Canada! So be sure to check them out when purchasing this years seeds!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Woohoo! The CPN Welcomes another contributing author - Welcome Cory!!!

The CPN is very proud proud to introduce our newest contributing author - Cory!!! Welcome, Welcome Cory!!!

Although Cory lives in Ontario - in true CPN-fashion he has agreed to take over posting at the BC Preppers Network until we can find a permanent author there. Until then...a little bird has told me that we can expect a new series at the BC Preppers Network - something along the lines of "Energy Tips My Wife Hates" - oh we can't wait for that one, Cory!!!

In addition - and from Cory's own lips:

"My goal is to do a post or two a week and I’ll cover things a young Canadian family like mine can do to take steps toward preparedness and independence including:

- debt repayments
- simple energy efficiency tips
- easy first prepping steps
- planning and building a new (semi) off-grid home

Being fairly new to prepping I’m hoping to document my progress on these topics and learn from the comments of other preppers.

For now I’ll leave you with my personal motto:

“If you don’t take control of your life, somebody else will.” " are a very welcome addition to the CPN! We look very much forward to your posts!

Please join me in welcoming Cory to the CPN!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The CPN Welcomes it's newest contributing author - Allan "Bow" Beauchamp!

The CPN is very proud to welcome Allan "Bow" Beauchamp as our newest contributing author!!!

Allan "Bow" Beauchamp, born in Porcupine, Ontario, is a renowned survival and primitive skills instructor and consultant. He has acted as a consultant for Les Stroud on TV's "Survivorman" series, and also supported Les Stroud on his new book entitled "Survive."

Previously, Bow taught a survival program for 10 years at a university, taught primitive skills courses at local Native reserves, and was featured on the television series "The Great Outdoorsman". Bow has also hosted training over the years for law enforcement agencies, the Canadian Forces, and many local groups.

Bow has also recently been appointed as a Safecastle LLC Advisory Board Member.

Some of Bow’s recognized expertise include: search and rescue, rope rescue, teaching survival and primitive skills programs (to many government agencies), bushcraft, N.O.T.S. man-tracking (developed by Bow), psychology of survival, flint-knapping, bow-making, nature awareness, spirituality, edible plants, bush medicines, traditional fire-starting, and natural navigation. He has been continually researching and improving his extreme survival winter skills for over 30 years!

The CPN will be showcasing some of Bow’s previously-written articles from Wildwood Survival – an excellent survival website run by Walter Muma. Watch for these, and new articles, to pop up on the Northwest Territories Preppers Network, the Nunavut Preppers Network and the Yukon Preppers Network!

Please join me in welcoming Bow!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Frazer is on the Prepper Podcast!!!

Woohoo! The CPN is proud to announce that our own Frazer, from the Manitoba Preppers Network, was the guest on Episode 22 of the Preppers Podcast (the Preppers Podcast is run by our friend Matt of the Kentucky Preppers Network!).

Anyway - Frazer did the CPN proud (as always!) and discussed a variety of prepping-related topics such as his having a preparedness mindset since he was young (probably from growing up on his Grandparents' farm where they "just lived the life"), he always had some form of "bug-out bag", eventually got into stocking up food, started planning for power outages, tuna, his prepping on a budget series, Everyday Carry Bags - and of course - his love of "toys" and "gadgets"!

Matt also mentioned all the different video posts that Frazer does and said how much he enjoyed them! Frazer does have some great video posts - if you haven't checked them out, then do so!!!

A big thanks to Frazer for representing the CPN so well...and a big thanks to Matt for always including the CPN on the Prepper Podcast!