Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Frazer is on the Prepper Podcast!!!

Woohoo! The CPN is proud to announce that our own Frazer, from the Manitoba Preppers Network, was the guest on Episode 22 of the Preppers Podcast (the Preppers Podcast is run by our friend Matt of the Kentucky Preppers Network!).

Anyway - Frazer did the CPN proud (as always!) and discussed a variety of prepping-related topics such as his having a preparedness mindset since he was young (probably from growing up on his Grandparents' farm where they "just lived the life"), he always had some form of "bug-out bag", eventually got into stocking up food, started planning for power outages, tuna, his prepping on a budget series, Everyday Carry Bags - and of course - his love of "toys" and "gadgets"!

Matt also mentioned all the different video posts that Frazer does and said how much he enjoyed them! Frazer does have some great video posts - if you haven't checked them out, then do so!!!

A big thanks to Frazer for representing the CPN so well...and a big thanks to Matt for always including the CPN on the Prepper Podcast!


  1. Thanks for posting this Kymber, it's a real honor to be part of something bigger than any one person in the CPN.

    It's an honor to hear from you that I did the CPN proud :-)

    It was a lot of fun doing the podcast, despite the glitches of synchronizing our schedules to get it recorded.

    I'd like to thank Matt for having me!

  2. Frazer - i feel the same way - that it's an honour to be part of something bigger than any one person in the CPN!!!

    but you really did such a good job representing yourself, the MPN and the CPN and we are all very proud!

    thank you Frazer!

  3. Thanks Kymber, yer turning into my Prepper Mom LOL. My mom doesn't get this stuff so she doesn't really acknowledge my achievements in the area, you do :-)

  4. I hope sometime soon Matt can get all the CPN contributors on his podcast! I heard the first one with I think it was Kymber, Riverwalker and Scarecrow but it would be nice to have Sue, myself and Cory and Bow on as well as you guys :-)

  5. Okay LOL it was Zénon not Riverwalker LOL I'm so silly :-s