Monday, April 26, 2010

A Great Canadian Company: Briden Solutions!

Are you looking for a Canadian company that has a passion for helping individuals, families and communities to become better prepared? Then look no further than Briden Solutions!

Briden Solutions is a Canadian company working to deliver the message of preparedness to fellow Canadians. As a Canadian-based company, Briden Solutions ships to Canada from Canada - which means no border issues, no duties, no brokerage fees and no customs fees!!!

Some of their products include:
  • 72 Hour emergency kits for home, office, vehicles, and custom kits for other needs
  • Unique food & water storage containers, including the 125 & 250 Gallon Super Tanker and Gamma stackable food storage units
  • Bulk food storage systems and products including organic and non-organic
  • Dry pack foods
  • Time based food storage packages - 1 month, 3 month & 12 months
  • Outdoor, survival, camping, hiking and preparedness gear
In addition, Briden Solutions takes a "hands-on" approach in delivering the message of preparedness by offering:
  • Preparedness Assessments for your Home, Office or Town
  • Customized Recommendations in your preparedness planning and needs based on your individual assessment and budget
I have it on good authority that Briden Solutions will be offering some special discounts during Emergency Preparedness Week 2010 (May 2-8) and Briden Solutions will also be hosting a contest at the CPN in the near future - so stay tuned for that!!!

Make sure to check out Briden Solutions FIRST for all of your emergency preparedness and prepping needs!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some changes at the CPN and another great contest

The CPN is proud to welcome Ancient Dragon as our newest regularly-contributing member to the Manitoba Preppers Network. Ancient Dragon did a guest-post for the MPN a few weeks back and I guess my constant nagging paid off as he has agreed to take over the MPN from here on! Thanks AD!!!

For those of you already sobbing tears into your coffee wondering "But what about Frazer?" - dry your tears, friends - Frazer is moving on to work his magic at the Saskatchewan Preppers Network so be sure to follow him there!!!

In addition - be sure to check out Humble Wife's amazing food storage giveaway here!

Friday, April 2, 2010

And the winner of the Emergency Survival Seeds from Hometown Seeds is:

...dah-da-dah - Scarecrow!!!! Congrats my friend! Send me your full mailing address - and I will forward that to Hometown Seeds!

Thanks to all who entered the contest. And a big thanks to our friends at Hometown Seeds!!! We hope to participate in many more contests with you!

(for anyone interested in knowing the technical process that was used during selecting the winner...we used the same technical process as referred to here.)