Sunday, September 12, 2010

We Miss You Kymber! Please Come Back!- Off Topic

Hey everyone.  Something has been on my heart for a while now.  Those of us who do the writing for the CPN and the sister provincial networks haven't heard from our boss lady Kymber in a while and I've been getting concerned about her wellbeing.  So Kymber if you are at least reading these posts please let us know you're alright.  

Last I heard she was going through a legal battle over some property and I don't know if maybe funds got tight and she couldn't keep the Internet or something but she hasn't been responding to emails.  Another possibility is that her and her husband lost their jobs and have been cutting costs and one of those costs might have been the Internet.  Honestly I don't know what has happened or where she has been but I'm sure most of us have been missing her.

I don't give out email addresses that people have trusted to me and I don't intend to make hers more public than it already is.  It's available if you click on the part of the blog where you can volunteer to blog for the networks but i don't want to plaster the email address in a blog so what I am going to do is give you guys my email address where you can contact me and put in the subject line "We Miss You Kymber Please Come Back" and I'll forward the email to her personal account which she has given me.  I'll be having Outlook screen for that sentence in the subject line and automatically forward them to her so please make sure you put

Kymber We Miss You

And any other message you want after that in the subject line of the email and my computer will send her the message.
Keep our boss lady in your prayers and send good thoughts her way!

Kymber was an energetic asset to our little community and I hope and pray all is well with her!

You can email me so that I can forward the message to her here

And Kymber if you're reading this send us a message or comment on the blog!