Sunday, April 3, 2011

Book Review...It's a Disaster and what are YOU gonna do about it?

I was very happy to get my copy of this book in the mail on Friday and spent much of the weekend reading it, some sections more than once.  Will this book teach you every survival skill known to man?  Will it teach you how to find rural land and farm it self sufficiently?  Will it teach you the best ways to build a year's worth of emergency supplies? Well, no, but it just might save your life.  This book WILL teach you how to prepare for different kinds of disasters, how to deal with these disasters as they are happening, and how to cope with the aftermath.   Here is a brief overview of the book section by section.

Section 1 deals with family emergency planning, disaster kit supplies for home, car, and office/classroom.  Reminders about special needs for infants, elderly & pets.  Detailed suggestions for  clothing, food/water, first aid supplies, sanitation, etc.

Section 2 is all about mitigation.  That's right, a case by case listing of what to do before, during & after about every kind of disaster you can think of.  From how to protect yourself during a thunderstorm to how to prepare and deal with nuclear attack.  Also tips for shelter living, sanitation for human waste, dealing with death & loss and helping others in a time of need.

Section 3 is an extensive overview of first aid tips, again on a case by case basis.  From heart attack to infectious diseases, to burns & broken bones.  You will want a copy of this book in your bug out kit just as a first aid reference.

Section 4 is an incredibly valuable part of the book with a listing of emergency resources all over the US and....get this.....Canada!  Yes, finally a publication that hasn't left the great white north outside to freeze.

All in all this is an incredible resource for your household.  In my opinion, if you don't get a copy, then you are doing yourself a great disservice.  The book is available in paperback or convenient e-book. Get your copy here...

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