Saturday, April 9, 2011

Entertainment For The Kids

How many of us think that when the lights go out, our kids will be deprived of television, video games & the internet?  Not a bad thing you might say.  But let's face it, when the kids get a bit older, say onto the tweens, they need something more than a deck of cards & Monopoly to keep them entertained.  Here are a few options for electronic devices when there is no power.

Get the personal versions of video games like a PSP or Game Boy.  Portable dvd players are great too.  And for a computer, consider a laptop.  All of these options are either rechargeable, or run off 12 volt supplies.  Batteries can be recharged from solar chargers or if you run a generator for a couple hours a day, they won't add much load if simply left off and in charge mode.  A simple 12 volt battery pack should run a portable dvd player long enough to watch 2 movies.  Great for evening entertainment.  Personal video games will keep them occupied for a few hours while the grownups go about their business.

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