Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Few Ideas For Prepping With Kids

Having a few rugrats of my own in various stages of growth from infant to teenager (and a couple in between), I have begrudgingly realized that these little (especially the not so little) ones have an inclination to electronics addiction.  Never a day goes by without television, internet, x-box, game boy, and other electronic stimulus doesn`t get used.  So what happens when the power goes out for a week or more at  time?  Well the older ones can occupy some of their time with the household chores that will in most cases take more time to accomplish that normal.  However, this won`t keep them satisfied for long.  Every prepping parent has to take their kids into account.  Keeping them occupied can be a challenge.  Granted, I have no question that my 11 month old can live without television, that simply won`t go over very well with the older ones.  Keep a supply of non electronic toys & games on hand.  You will be surprised how receptive they may be to an afternoon of Battleship and Connect Four when you mention that you did this when you were young.  Many board games are available for computers now such as Monopoly, Risk, and many others.  If you get them into these electronic versions now, then the transformation to the actual board game will be a breeze.  Arts & crafts also keep kids occupied and therefor out of trouble.  Keep plenty of plain paper (a 500 pack for 5$ - $6 at Walmart should last a while) and crayons on hand.  Visit your local dollar store every few weeks and plunk down $5 - $10 on craft supplies like construction paper, glue, colorful string & yarn, costume jewelry kits, coloring books, water paints & other craft supplies will stock up quickly here.  Whenever you catch a glimpse of your kids having fun with non electronic toys & games, try to make note of it and pickup a few extra items when you can.  For occasional use, many electronics are available in rechargeable versions or can be powered using rechargeable batteries.  Solar powered battery chargers that can recharge 4 AA sized cells can be found under $20.00.  For a bit more money, say $40 - $50, one can find 15 minute quick chargers that can be powered in the car accessory outlet(formerly known as the cigarette lighter).  Remember that younger children have a short attention span, so try to find lots of different item at low cost.  One can ususally find a to of different games & toys at garage sales & thrift stores.  Keep in mind that sometimes kids will have just as much fun with a cardboard box rather than  the toy that came in it.

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