Friday, April 8, 2011

Milk Storage Options

I have found that milk is one of the toughest food items to store long term.  Yhere are a few options, but let's face it, the taste is, well, shall we say aquiered. 

First , and probably the easiest to store long term is instant powder.  If repackaged in an opaque, airtight container and protected from moisture, it will last about a year and a half before starting to lose nutritive value.  The price is reasonable and this would most resemble "real" milk.

Next we have actual milk in a UHT carton.  Usually found in skim & 2%, this product needs no refrigeration if unopened but will only last about 3-6 months(check best before dates in carton)  If you use it on a regular basis and keep your rotation going, it's not a bad product although the taste can be slightly off.

Canned milk comes in 2 forms.  First there is evaporated.  Small cans are mixed with equal parts of water to reconstitute.  Shelf lives are quite good as with all canned items.  However, for drinking, especially with children, this is a pricey option.  Second is sweet condensed.  Not for drinking, but used in many recipes for cooking. Again shelf life is pretty god, but this is not for daily consumption.

If you have young children, say 2 and under, check out the baby formula.  There are several types intended for all age groups up to toddlers.  Simply reconstitute following the directions and serve.

If you don't have land for a cow or a couple of goats, your options are limited.  I store powder & evaporated for drinking, and condensed for cooking.  These seem to be the most stable for storage and I also have formula for the little ones.  Oh, and get some coffee whitener to help save on milk for the grownups.

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