Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Start Your Garden Journal

Now would be a great time to get a journal going to track all those variables for your garden.  There are several ways to do this, hand written notes, spreadsheets, or my favorite, a Microsoft Access Database.  Whatever method you choose, you will want to record certain data.  Some of the details I record are:

Weather - daily high/low temperatures, weather conditions(cloudy, sunny, rainy) as well as precipitation amounts.

Planting records - crop planted, number of rows, row length, seeds per hill etc.

Harvest records - crop harvested, harvest weight, etc.

With these records, I can track how much I planted of what, on what day, and how much produce I got from it.  This way I will know the next year how much more or less of a certain crop I will need to plant as well as when to expect harvests so that I can plan my storage materials.  I also included a notes section to record such things as insect problems and solutions.

Which ever way you decide to record your data, you will find this a very useful tool in the years to come.

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