Monday, May 23, 2011

Be Prepared, Not Scared

How many websites, blogs, or podcasts have we seen that are pumping you to prepare because this or that is right around the corner.  It is true, that governments are spending way more than they are bringing in, food prices are on a sharp rise, and don't even get me started on fuel costs.  But honestly, will our government crash tomorrow or will a loaf of bread really cost hundreds of dollars next month?  Well, I can't honestly say 100% no, but I can make a 99.999999999% prediction. 

I have heard just about everything you could imagine.  Solar flares knocking out power grids and electronics worldwide, mysterious planet sized asteroids about to wipe out the entire planet, global economic crashes that will make printed money name it.  Now I will agree that a major earthquake could happen in countless regions at any time, or freak tornadoes could wipe out a community with little to no warning,  I simply refuse to bow to the scare tactics of the few who profit from the fear they create. 

When you hear that the world as we know it is coming to an end any day now, take a hard look at the source.  Chances are you will find some connection to the sale of emergency food or other supplies.  This is how many people sell their scaring the stuff hitting the fan out of you.  Now, I'm not saying that every prepper website, blog, or podcast network is just trying to get you to buy their products.  In fact, there are many sites that will simply inform for the sake of helping people and don't sell anything at all, including memberships.  What you want to look for when searching for information sources is a forum.  They are generally free to join, allow you to give your insights as well as read those of others, and the information you will find there is based on members personal experiences, not hype and fear mongering.

If you have a favorite site you visit(other than The Canadian Prepper Network of course), follow this link to the forum and post a link.

Prepare for what history has shown you can happen, experienced preppers have lived through, and what happens on a regular basis in your area and ignore the hype.

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