Saturday, May 7, 2011

Emergency Preparedness Week - Back To Basics - Clothing & Bedding

Let's face it, here in Canada almost all of us experience sub zero temperatures for what seems like most of the year.  Also, doesn't it seem that the power usually goes out when temperatures are at their coldest?  Here is where propper clothing & bedding come into play.  Even a home with an efficient wood stove can get cold fast when the fire dies down during the night.  Keep plenty of blankets, sleeping bags, comfortors, or whatever on hand.  Don't forget that you may be sleeping on the floor in a designated warm room and the extra comfort will be welcome.  A blanket or two under you will add to the warmth as well as comfort.  Clothing is also an important consideration not only for warmth but also for work.  During a disaster, many of us will have to perform household chores not usually on the daily list such as removal of downed trees & other debris, hauling firewood, water, or other manual labor.  Keep some old clothes for working such as jeans or heavy cotton work pants, long sleeve shirts, heavy socks, sensible footwear such as work boots, and work gloves.  For winter, dress in layers to improve thermal retention.  Thermal underwear, sweaters, wool socks, mitts, hats, scarves, live in Canada so you get the idea.  Keep in mind that you may not want to wear your designer outerwear, so keep something simple, low cost, and durable on hand.  For a bug out bag, you should keep a bedroll, and season appropriate clothing in it at all times.  Changing out the clothing with the seasons is a great opportunity to check on the other supplies to make sure everything is edible, charged, or otherwise in good condition.

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