Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Home Energy Eficiency - Yet Another Series

How the heck does energy efficiency  relate to prepping you may ask?  Well, that's really an easy one to answer, as in a grid down scenario following a disaster, even the mots well equipped prepper will recognize that what energy they can produce is a valuable resource not to be wasted.  There are four main uses of energy in your home and they all use different amounts of energy.  These are...

Heating & Cooling - 44%
Lighting , Cooking, & appliances (discounting refrigerator) - 33%
Water Heating - 14%
Refrigeration - 9%

Every home is different and these numbers can vary.  For instance, a home with a second refrigerator or chest freezer will have more than 9% going to that category.  Another home using wood as a primary heat source will have a much lower percentage in that category...but these are average numbers.

I will be taking a look at all our categories individually and offering some common sense suggestions to help reduce your energy consumption.  Some of these suggestions may end up making you a better prepper as you will learn how to live with less power.  For instance, using passive solar heating to help  heat your home, or using more efficient appliances or eliminating some of them completely will make not having them in a grid down situation seamless.  Many web sites will advise you to get a home energy audit.  Give me a break !  If you are grown up enough to own your own home, then you should be able to take care of it.  Besides, making sure your family is comfortable and  as energy efficient as possible is a grown up's responsibility.  All of the tips & suggestions posted will be easily handled by a responsible home owner.  Tune in tomorrow for   the biggest home energy eater....heating & cooling.

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