Thursday, May 26, 2011

Knives For Survival

In my time as a salesman in an army surplus store, I had opportunity to see and evaluate hundreds of different knives.  There are so many types, that choices for your preps can get quite confusing.  Here are some pros & cons that I have learned over the years.

The cheap "Rambo" knife -
these have a long, impressive blade, usually have a hollow handle with a few matches and some fishing hooks .inside and capped off with a compass.  These are absolute garbage.  Don't waste your time or money an these.  The blades are made of cheap metal that won't hold an edge and probably won't stay attached to the handle either.

Box cutters -
these little cutters have come a long way recently.  From the inexpensive plastic type to the fold up lock back with a belt pouch I just love these things. Although the blades are thin and can break easily, they are razor sharp.  When they do wear down, simply discard and buy new (for the cheap plastic type) or get inexpensive replacement blades(for the better quality models).

Swiss Army Knives
There are only two real swiss army knives - made by either Victoryknox or Wenger.  Anything else is an imitation and not worth the money.  These come in all sorts of sizes & configurations.  The blades hold an edge well and can easily be sharpened .  The multitude of tools will come in handy in any BOB or Get Home bag...not to mention in your pocket for day to day use.

Folding Multi Tools
Realativly new on the market, these are slowly replacing the swiss army knife.  The same tools and blades are included in a folding set of pliers.  Again, avoid cheap imitations.  Go with the brand name such as Gerber or Leatherman.  If you like the convenience of the swiss army knife, but want to be with the IN croud and have the latest gear...go for one of these.

The Straight Blade Sheith Knife
these come in useful in certain situations such as hunting and backwoods camping where a longer blade comes in handy.  DO NOT get fooled with an economy knife.  Expect to spend a few dollars to get a good quality knife, but search out deals.  A good option here is the military surplus models.  The K-Bar is a personal favorite, but the Brittish Special forces is a good bet too.  If you want top quality, look for a knife called the EK.  Made by John Ek, these babies will go through a ship's bulkhead, then still slice a tomato paper thin.

For your survival collection, I would suggest A collection of boxcutters(one for every BOB, car kit, f/a kit etc.  A swiss army of multi tool, and a quality straight blade.  This collection will cover you for just about anything life puts in your way that need cutting.

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