Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Remember to Review Your Kits

So you have your BOB by the door and your GHB in the trunk.  But when was the last time you checked out the supplies?  Take time a couple times a year to check out your gear.  Clothing may need to be changed out to suit the season, batteries for flashlights & radios need to be checked, and food needs to be examined.  Here are just a few reminders of things to look over.

First aid kit - check all the packaging for tears or weak spots.  Check ointments & antisceptic wipes for expiration.  Bandages should checked as well as all other supplies to make sure they havent dried out or otherwise worn.
Food & water - Replace your water twice a year.  Check food stores for expiration, broken packaging or insect infestations. 
Clothing - As the seasons change, so does our clothing requirements.  Replace summer wear with winter or vice versa.  Don't forget to check to make sure it fits too.
Electronics - Flashlights, radios, gps et al should be tested and batteries replaced.
Other Gear - check for storage damage such as rust or tarnish on metals.  Clean and repackage everything.

Finally, before repacking your kit, go over your lists and make sure everything is there.

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