Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver On Fire

Let me get this right...your hockey team loses in the final game of the Stanley Cup Finals and people decide that a riot is in order?  Give me a break!  With all the legitimate injustices in the world around us you would think that there would be other issues to revolt against.  Cars were overturned and set on fire, including 2 police cars...stores were looted...and get this...Vancouver General Hospital officials said there were two major traumas, three stabbing victims and one head injury. Really?3 stabbings? C'mon folks,'s JUST A GAME!
I don't want to condemn all of Vancouver as I think it's a great city and I believe the vast majority of it's residents are level headed individuals who wouldn't think of ever acting this way, but those who partook in this riot should be ashamed.  Since when does a sporting event loss justify an attempt on human life?!?  The damage will likely be in the millions, but the actions of a few senseless individuals has given Vancouver a poor view that it doesn't deserve.
So now I ask...if you were in the general area during the riots, were you prepared?  Did you have a way of letting your loved ones know you were OK?  Did you have a route planned to get around the riot zone to get home?  Think about can hit the fan at any time in any place without warning.

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  1. Been out of touch lately so this is late, but an important note:

    The riot was going to happen, win or lose. A (small) number of people showed up with sledgehammers, crowbars, booze and other such stuff because they wanted to riot. Not fans, although some surely joined in, these people came with the agenda of "RIOT!".

    That said, many more people showed up for the cleanup the next day than actively participated in the rioting. Average people on the street actively blocked rioters in many places, at great risk to themselves.

    Hundreds have been arrested, over a dozen turned themselves in, and thanks to social media and the ease with which people can be identified it is fairly certain that the majority of active rioters will be punished.

    This had nothing to do with the hockey game except perhaps as an excuse (as if this behavior can be excused!) but the behavior of the average person both during and after is actually a great credit to the people of Vancouver.

    Naturally this isn't what sells, so media doesn't report it nearly as much.