Thursday, June 2, 2011

Violent Lightening Storm Hits NS

The tail end of a storm hit Nova Scotia last night leaving 50,000 homes in the province without power this morning.  The storm was more wide spread than expected leaving homes powerless from one end of the province to the other.

This was a great wake-up call.

One of my husband's co-workers was terribly unprepared.  His truck was almost empty - enough gas to get to the gas station, but the pumps aren't working.  He had no cash on hand, and the debit machines are down.  It's easy to think, 'Rookie!'  But, how many in your area are really ready for something small like this to happen let alone something major?

It just goes to show how a little blip in the electrical delivery system can catch the unprepared with their pants down.

I was very thankful, and maybe feeling just a teensy bit smug this morning, when I reached into our cash box and handed my husband his lunch money. 

Continue with emergency preparations, even if a little at a time. 

"From little acorns grow mighty oaks."


  1. It was a long storm. What a show!

    I was thankful I we had a whole home serge protector, just in case. Overall I was able to enjoy the show with the feeling that we could handle a few days without power.

  2. A great feeling isn't it?

  3. Personally, I get freaked out when the tank goes below half full. And a little cash on hand is a reassuring thing.

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