Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aquiring Skills

So, do you wonder if you will be able to do for yourself after disaster strikes?  Wondering how to aquire the skills you would need to fix a broken window after a storm?  How about patching the roof after a tornado?  Maybe an earthquake broke some plumbing in the basement.  Not very handy?  Need to learn?

Search the internet for how to sites.  Forget DIY TV or HGTV, these stations are more designer hype than actual how to.  If you are wondering how to home ulpolster a headboard then go for it. There are plenty of sites that offer real how-to and advice such as

Then there are the TV show based sites like

These are just a few examples, the list goes on and on.

The best way to gain skills is to get hands on experience.  The next time a buddy asks for help to recover his roof, dig out a foundation, or other project, jump right in.  Not only will you connect with your friends, but likely meet other experienced DIYers that will be overflowing with information and tips.  Also, you can network a pool of buddies of your own to help out with your next project.

Another great resource is your local home center.  Not only are the staff usually knowledgeable about a multitude of topics, but from time to time, they will offer workshops that will give you hands on time with the project.  These workshops are often free as the retailer counts on you buying the materials from him to give it a go at your own house.

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