Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Are You Ready For Hurricane Season?

This may not apply to all Canadians, but for those in Ontario and anywhere east, please pay attention.
Hurricane season is now in high gear.  The first major storm, Irene, is expected to reach cat.4 in the next 24 hours and seems to be poised to skim up the eastern coast of the US towards Boston.  This DOES NOT MEAN that the Maritime provinces are in for a direct hit...please pay attention to your own sources to determine the severity in your area.

Now would be the time to check a few things such as plywood for windows, non perishable food & drinking water, off grid cooking, heating, & lighting sources.  Likely, there will be rain, wind, & lightning as Eastern Canada gets the tail end of Irene.  Please do not wait until the last minute to be prepared.  Now is the time to double check your preps, not just for this storm, but for the remaining season.

Most importantly, don't panic, use your head as much as you use your preps.  Keep an eye on local weather as well as storm reports on the mainstream media and be safe!

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