Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sometimes it seems so simple & easy.  On top of posting here on the Canadian Preppers Network, I am a regular poster on the forum site as well.  Add to that a prepper blog of my own and a weekly podcast on the Prepper Podcast Radio Network, and I think that I contribute my fair share of info to the world with regards to being prepared.

So why does it remain so difficult to get the message across to the average joe at work, the curling league, etc?  People in general want to believe that life as we know it will continue no matter what.  No one ever thinks that the way we live today could be gone tomorrow.  The scenes on the news from Japan just to name one, don't seem to have any effect.  Too many people walk around the earth with the "it couldn't happen to me" attitude.

Frankly, I'm getting tired of trying to convince people that they should be ready for an emergency situation, if not an actual disaster.  If I ask a coworker if they could feed themselves for even a few days if the grocery stores were to not open, they reply..."sure, I can do take out for a while".  they just don't seem to get it.  Simply put, I think a small disaster would do people some good...maybe wake them up a little.

All this makes me thankful that there are quite a few people out there (I mean you) that actually get it.  And I'm not talking about TEOTWAWKI...just a couple days without power.  Now I'm not wishing for a tornado to wipe out anyone's home, nor do I wish ill on anyone, but sometimes I think it takes hard times to make people realize that IT CAN HAPPEN TO THEM!


  1. Extreme Couponing (the concept, not the actual full on insanity) has gotten quite a few people I know into stockpiling in the last few months, and many of them are now preaching the glory of having enough of many things for a minimum of 3 months... It isn't perfect, but it is a start.

  2. Frustrating isn't it? It was the same when I asked people about their pets for my post research. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the responses. Many people just don't want to think about it.

  3. You don't know how you will react till it happens to you. In feb 2009 we had an ice storm that took out the power for a few days to a couple of weeks here. Till you have no power and have to find a way to heat and light your house and cook meals you really have no idea what you have to do just ot get close to normal living. I can say now I have food for year and at least three different ways to cook, light and heat my house.

  4. There isn't anything more to be done than live your life the best way you can 9however you define 'best')... seems from your list you do quite a bit ... let'em go and breathe for your Self. Those whose Path it is to catch on will do so, and for the others, not your job to bleed for 'em.