Saturday, October 15, 2011

Be A Proud Canadian, But Don't Limit Yourself

As a proud Canadian, I strive to support Canadian resources for my prepping. Border issues aside, I prefer to make purchases from Canadian sources, and the more local, the better. I am sure that all of us have done countless google searches regarding prepping and come up with an overwhelming majority of American sites. Personally, I have visited prepping sites from all over the world, from Canada, America, Britain, Africa, name it. Interestingly enough, there seemed to be only two main differences from one geographical location to the next. Tese would be climate and gun laws. Food preservation & storage remained constant with mylar bags, home canning, dehydrating and prepackaged freezedried & MRE's. Gardening was also a constant with variations only on crops and growing season. Country dwellers farmed and city dwellers fortify homes all around the world.
So my question is, why limit yourself to localized information? I belong to a multitude of prepper sites from all around the world and have learned valuable information from all four corners of the earth.
Yes, as Canadians we face different chalenges because of our climate & therefore growing season as well as some tough gun laws, which, by the way, are not the toughest I have seen. The short answer is that these two issues can be made quite minor and easy enough to get around. If you have a short growing season, you can find ways to stretch it. If you don't have a PAL, you can always take a course and get it, with a clear background check of course.
So go ahead and be proud to be Canadian. Support your local resources for your preps. But by no means limit your informational resources by checking strictly Canadian sites. Go join the APN, or other foreign prepper sites and learn what people around the world have to offer. Knowledge is power and is by no means limited by geographical borders.

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