Thursday, November 10, 2011

CPN Welcomes New Author Anitapreciouspearl

Anita has been a very active member on the forum for some time now and has helped many people with her knowledge about canning, small animals, and gardening. Mother to many and wife to her best friend, she lives on a small 10 acre farm that needs plenty of work.

"We're preparing for a future where we believe we will need to be more self sufficient so we raise chickens, ducks and sheep and keep a large garden. We love people coming to visit and the peace and quiet that you can only appreciate after living in the city for 20 years."

Welcome to the blog Anita, we look forward to your contribution.


  1. Spends 20 years in the city, then moves to the country to live a more self sufficient life style...a girl after my own heart!

  2. Thanks for the welcome! It really is a wonderful life - a really bad day in the country is better than most days in the city as far as I am concerned! I'm looking forward to sharing the journey.