Friday, November 11, 2011

Hello from Ontario

I live on a farm.  When I read those words a few years ago I would be awash with a longing that almost hurt.  I wanted to be able to say that!  Now I can. 

Self-discipline is remembering what you really want.  That was the mindset that got us from the city to the country - we had a goal in mind and we kept working towards it - little by little every day.  We have been preppers for 8 or 9 years now - slowly coming to the conclusion that life as we knew it was perhaps not even the life we wanted.  It sure didn't have much in the way of security.  If the power went out I figured we had about 6 hours in the winter and we'd be forced to leave our home.  Never mind the lack of lights and the freezer defrosting.  We came up with ways to avoid most of those issues temporarily but the longing remained to have a place to call our own where we could live more self sufficiently.  It was many small decisions and steps that got us from that place to this place and there's many steps to go before this place is all that we dream it can be.

I live with my family on a small farm surrounded by conservation lands.  We raise chickens, ducks for meat and eggs and sheep.  We also have a donkey, 6 barn cats and a spoiled city dog. 

Life here is an amazing adventure of FINALLYS.  We finally had room for a huge garden - that had lots of weeds in it this summer but actually produced quite well.  We could finally have more animals than the 6 urban chickens of our city life.  We could finally sit in our "backyard" and hear - silence...  We could finally run out of the house in our pjs to feed the cats or get the mail!  Well - it doesn't take much to make me happy!

I hope to share some of my adventures with you in the coming weeks.  From food storage and canning to backyard chickens and beyond.  I'm not an expert  - just someone who loves to learn and happily lives on a farm.

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  1. Hello back at'cha Ontario, from BC ... We're working towards saying those words too ... congratulations on getting there!!!