Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Monkey See...Monkey Do?

Well, in my morning surf through my FB lists I came across an interesting video. Since I tend to prefer focusing on skills and general knowledge type stuff, initially I didn't really think too much of it. Perhaps its a little more of a "cry wolf" thing, maybe the gent in the video is a little more of a flag waver than most.

But as I puttered through my morning routine I was mulling over the information that this man had presented in his video. As much as I dearly love my American cousins and best friends, I do believe that Americans in general can be rather excitable. They get all up in arms and in a twist over things that Canadians tend to ignore. For instance, the pepper-spray incident to get at a good deal on Black Friday. I can't really see a Canadian shopper doing something along that line. It has been said that Canadians are like Vichyssoise...cold, half french and hard to stir.

This can be a good thing...or a bad thing. In this particular case, I'm going to say that our politeness and lack of excitability is going to prove a downfall. As many of us are aware, our illustrious government is more or less UP the *@! of the US government. What goes on in the south, does tend to spill over by way of convenient legislation into our backyards whether we like it or not.

Based on the definitions used in the current piece of legislation noted in the video, every farmer that's ever lost a finger to an auger is a potential threat. Every housewife with an impressive storage room - potential threat. Every hunter smart enough to weather protect his ammunition - potential threat. All of which could be arrested and detained without cause, trial or due process.

Take a few minutes (nine, to be exact), watch the video and then post your thoughts...I would dearly love to hear everyone's take on this little bit of news that is quietly avoiding the mainstream media.

Terrorist Preppers, Total Police State, All of America Declared a Battlefield

Thoughts would be appreciated!

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  1. God be with us all

  2. I watched this video this morning as well..... guess I'm a terrorist suspect too, because I have 30kg of flour and 25kg of rice in my pantry storage!!!