Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Emergeny Preparedness Week - Day 3

So, as you have seen so far, getting yourself and your family ready to be self reliant for the first 3 days after an emergency really isn't that difficult, but it does take some thought. For today's tip, I would suggest planning an escape route from our neighborhood. Keep in mind that several factors could block one or more roads out of your area such as downed trees from a storm or dammaged or blocked bridges from flooding. Have more than one route to safety and outline them on a map. Keep your map in a waterproof plastic pouch in our emergency kit. Practice the routes on weekends and learn where detours can be made. Keep in mind that everyone else may be trying to get out of danger at the same time, so secondary roads are ideal. Remember to keep your vehicle's gas tank at least half full, and if possible, keep some extra fuel on hand at home to top off the tank before heading out in an evacuation.

Here is a handy link on how to handle flooding...

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