Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mountainman's On The Road Near You!

Howdy Preppers,

Well the time is rapidly approaching for the start of our family cross-Canada trip. We will be heading East first. All the way to The Rock. Whenever, possible we hope to meet and chat with those in the prepping community. Our first stop will be in Moose Jaw. So, if you are near Moose Jaw and you want to chat face-to-face, this is your chance to discuss things. Send me a PM on Canadian Prepper's Network. I will do my best to check my PM's daily, where wi-fi access is possible. The next stop will be near Winnipeg. We will start the road trip on Saturday 23 June 2012. 

Hope to see you on the road this summer!



  1. Hey there Buddy,
    free WiFi can be found at all McDonald's (I sit in parking lot mostly!) Starbucks, most libraries.

    Look up the homepages for Fido/Telus/Rogers/Bell = they normally have a page of the free WiFi spots they sponsor listed, although sometimes you gotta dig deep to find that page.

  2. when will you be in New brunswick? My husband and I are just now looking for info on how to prepare fo a disaster.Would love to talk. Sussex NB