Saturday, April 20, 2013

Barefoot Bushcraft Radio Show Season 1, Episode 1


The premier episode of the Barefoot Bushcraft show featuring Wolfmaan and co-host AD Venture.

In this episode AD Venture and Wolfmaan discuss Elise Heron, a Toronto Doctor who became trapped on a cliff in Arizona, as well as the movie 127 Hours. This leads to a discussion of how to keep safe in the wilderness and what equipment to bring, including learning how to use a hand drill and bow drill.

Also discussed was the connection between going barefoot and establishing a nature connection. Mentioned were barebottom shoes creator Sue Kenney, and Nature Educator Rhonda Sage-Ursulak.  Later in the show We discussed briefly Ferocium Rods and began our investigation into the EDC (Every Day Carry) bag which will be discussed at length in the next episode.

New episode airs Saturdays at 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time on Freedomizer Radio


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