Thursday, April 18, 2013

Canadian Preppers Network Has Gone Social

In light of the popularity of social media use, it was past the time that the Canadian Preppers Network started to take advantage of this technology.


We can now be followed on Twitter...the twitter name is @canprepnet.  If you use twitter, please follow us and help boost the popularity of emergency preparedness.


Also, we now have a Facebook page called Canadian Preppers Network, so if you use facebook, "like" us and keep up to date on posts there also.  Here is the facebook link...



Anna said...

I Can't find you on Face Book

when I search "Canadian Preppers Network" only the Manitoba and Saskatchewan pages show up.

plz update or add a link =D

The Prepared Canadian said...

Right you are!
The link has been added to the post!
Thanks for pointing that out.

George Henson said...

Thanks for the info. Look forward to seeing you on both Twitter and Facebook.