Monday, July 8, 2013

10 Must Have Items for a BOB - Guest Post by Lee Flynn

10 Must-Have Items for a Bug Out Bag

Having a bug out bag, or a 72 hour kit, is a necessity for every person in your family. We never know when an emergency might hit, and three days could be the difference between life and death, in some cases. If something ever happened, a bug out bag is going to be the thing that bails you out.

Here are 10 things that you’ll need to have in a bug out bag for everyone in your family:

10. Blankets

You’re going to need something to keep you warm at night, wherever you might be. Blankets are going to do just that. As opposed to bringing large, bulky blankets, I’d use a space blanket. They keep you very warm and they are lightweight, too. These space blankets will be much easier to lug around in a backpack than a blanket that you have on your bed, at home.

9. Extra Clothes

If you’re forced to use your bug out bag, there is a strong chance that you’ll be forced to face the elements. Sometimes, those elements happen to dampen your body and clothes. If you get wet in the winter and don’t have a change of clothes, you could get hypothermia, or other illnesses.

8. Battery Powered Radio

In emergency situations, the radio might be your only communication to the rest of the world. Being informed of what is going on is extremely vital. If for some reason you can’t use it to get information, at least you’ll be able to jam out to some tunes.

7. Cash

Depending on the emergency that’s happened around you, you might not be able to use credit cards. Putting a little cash in your 72 hour kit could go a long way. You could use it to buy food, clothes, or play presidential flash cards. Some extra green never hurt anyone.

6. Flashlight

A flashlight can be good for a bunch of different things. Not only will it help you get around at night, but it can also be good to help people find you. Turn your flashlight on and wave it at planes or helicopters to come and find you. It could also potentially keep wildlife away from you.

5. Flint

How many of us know how to make a fire? Me neither. Fire is going to be crucial to help keeping you warm, and cooking things, too. Flint makes it really easy to get your fire going, plus it’s small and light to carry around in your bug out bag.

4. Water

An adult needs to drink about a gallon of water per day. Considering that your bug out bag should last you three days, and it should all fit in a backpack, carrying around water might not be the best idea. Instead, you can bring a water bottle with a filter. You can refill your bottle whenever you need to, and it will be clean, healthy water. Another option is taking water purifiers.

3. Food

Finding something that will fit in your backpack might not always be easy, but there is a surprising amount of food that you can pack along. MREs and canned foods are good and easy to pack. Dehydrated foods are another type of food that is easy to pack. Jerky is light, filling and tasty. Make sure that you pack enough for three days, though.

2. Shelter

No, I’m not suggesting that you take a big, fancy tent along with you. A tarp or two can work wonders, though. You can build a lean to, or put a “roof” over your head, at night. It will keep you dry and safe from rain.

1. First Aid Kit

You never know what kind of scrapes and cuts that you might take, in this emergency. A first aid kit should have the bandages and medications that you’ll need to make it through three days, though.

Lee Flynn is a freelance writer interested in helping others develop self reliance through food storage.


  1. 141 a knife would be a smart addition to the list, swiss army or users preference. also, it will provide something to strike that flint with that is listed.

  2. I am glad you mentioned water purifies. Filters don't treat for viruses and a case a viral diarrhea when you are bugging out would really suck.