Friday, November 29, 2013

Coffee (period)

Living without coffee on a good day is bad enough.  Imagine suffering without coffee for an extended period of time post disaster.  We often forget about personal luxuries when putting together emergency kits or survival supplies.  Things like coffee, alcohol and cigarettes are often left off of the check list.  You don't have to be a smoker or a drinker for said items to be an asset to you and your family. These items can act as an essential bartering tool to get the necessary items you or a family member might need.  I know that after a few days without coffee I would be willing to give up many things of value, like food, water or shelter supplies to get my java fix.

Not only is the coffee a bonus but the items associated with coffee can be an asset to your emergency kit as well.  You can use coffee filters and cans for multiple applications such as filtering water, making cold compresses, straining fruit juices,, collecting water, storing items, serving food and so on.  

Legacy Premium Food Storage has a great solution for emergency coffee storage. The 350 serving bucket also comes with a manual french press so you are guaranteed delivery of delicious black gold.  If you are a coffee fan like we are at Chylan consider adding this essential product to your preps. 

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