Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Difference Between Life and Death - First Aid

There are moments in life in which it seems the world has stopped spinning – at least for you. The words coming through the phone seem to echo into your soul… “We are going to send an ambulance right now.” Any parent who has lived through a similar experience can testify of the terror that those events instill. HealthLink said those sombre words to us conveying that the life of our 1 month old was now in jeopardy. One full week in the Children’s Hospital, 6 more weeks of Oxygen tanks and tubes, a roller coaster of emotions and we were finally back on track. Our hearts were full of gratitude for the Nurses, Doctors, Hospital and health care technology that were available to us and our precious newborn in our time of need.

Have you ever considered how life would be if those professionals, treatments and hospitals were no longer available to us? What would you do when your loved one’s life hangs in the balance and you are all they have to depend on? The thought of my little ones depending on me in such a serious scenario makes me feel very helpless and worried as I know my skills and resources are very limited compared to the safety net we currently have.

One of the things that does bring me some peace is in knowing that I have access to some important tools that can come to my aid in such a time of need. Thankfully technology and Healthcare have come a long way to allow someone with no medical background an opportunity to use some life-saving tools safely and easily.

Here is my go to list and how they work:

1) Woundseal powder –

This is designed to stop bleeding in a matter of seconds and it will heal with less scar tissue than stitches. Woundseal is non-toxic, disinfects and it can be used on hemophiliacs or those on blood thinners. To use it, simply just pour on a wound and apply with pressure. It becomes waterproof after 3 hrs and will allow the body to heal from the “inside out” minimizing scar tissue.

2) Wrap It Cool -

The most effective method for sprains and strains.  It’s the only product that provides compression, cooling and draws out inflammation/swelling and bruising all at once.  One hour of using this wrap equals 12 hours of cooling.  It's four active ingredients are menthol, ethyl alcohol, calendula and arnica oil

3) Quik Clot -

This is the easiest product to use to stop serious bleeding including arterial bleeding and will save lives. Used by the US military and US Forest Service.  Just apply it directly to wound with pressure.  It is safe, non-toxic and is easy for medical personnel to remove.  It also does not cut off circulation to the extremities.  No one has ever died using the product. If you want to see this product in action you can search Youtube for "Quik Clot pig video" (do not watch if you have a sensitive stomach).

4) Buffered Isotonic Eye Wash Solution –

This will neutralize any chemical in the eyes or on the skin. It is great because it penetrates quicker than water.

5) Fracture fork –

This detects fractures including hair-line fractures through vibration

6) Cool Blaze -

The most advanced burn gel product.  It is non-toxic, does not stain clothing and does not contain lidocain. This gel will remove heat, disinfect burn injuries and can eliminate up to a 3rd degree burn. Simply apply it liberally and do not rub in.

7) Foreign Object Removal Kit –

Comes with 3 instruments

     1.  Eye magnet and loop: to remove particles on the eye ball or between the eye ball and eye lids.     
     2.  Splinter probe: most effective instrument at removing splinters
     3.  Tweezers: stainless steel and pointed

These items and a whole lot more are found in my heavy-duty trauma kit and give me some peace of mind knowing that I will at least have a fighting chance to safe my loved one’s life. You can view the full contents of our Trauma Kit here.

This post by Kristen from Briden Solutions - Proudly helping Canadians obtain high quality Survival supplies.   

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