Friday, June 6, 2014

First Hand First Aid

On my regular transit commute to work this morning with my 4 year old daughter, a fellow passenger fell unconscious after making some horrific noises.  He was a senior man, with minor mobility issues (boarded the bus with a cane).  For the first time in my life I had to dial 911, it was terrifying.  I had to make sure my daughter was comforted while coaching the bus driver through first aid procedures as directed by the 911 operator.  The entire situation only lasted about 20 minutes, thanks to the swift response by the first responders to the scene.  The man was revived and taken to hospital but you better believe I have some questions for Translink.  The poor woman who was driving the bus handled the situation like a champ but I found it shocking to know that the bus had no defibrillator, no first aid, no emergency procedure  and Translink drivers are not required to have Emergency First Aid training.  I personally believe that everyone should have first aid to be prepared for any situation, it can save a life as it did today.  Translink has over 1 million transfers per day in the lower mainland and they do not require their drivers to have Emergency First Aid.  What if there was a major disaster?  At any given time there is an average of 20 people on board a transit bus (50+ in rush hour crammed in like sardines).  Odds are someone on that bus has some First Aid under their belt.  But I want to know why Translink doesn't support the well being of it's passengers by providing basic First Aid Training to it's drivers.  Here is what I have to say...........


I will be contacted by Translink in the very near future for a witness report and I will be seeking answers to my very legitimate question...what's up with that?

We encourage every single one of you reading this to book a first aid course near you.  It could mean saving a mother, father, sister, brother, son or daughter.  You have the potential to be a hero! We leave you with some summer safety tips to encourage a safe summer! 


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