Friday, January 9, 2015

Emergency Preparedness for Celiacs

Living through an emergency event is stressful enough to your health, but what if you have an immune system that is compromised by the things you eat and you are suddenly thrust into a situation where your food options are limited even further? I think about that a lot because I, too, am celiac.

Thankfully the choices available to those who can’t eat certain foods are getting more plentiful. Bread options that used to taste worse than cardboard are now surpassing their gluten-laden counterparts in quality and delectability. 

There are numerous theories out there as to why we, in this day and age, are suffering more than those from a couple of generations before us, but we’ll save that discussion for another day because then I’d have to change the title of this article. Though natural food is always the better choice, what the rising number of sensitivities and allergens means is that those who grow our food, process our food and supply us with our food are far better off if they pay attention to the changing needs of those who consume the food.
When we found Legacy Premium Freeze Dried Food, not only were we excited about the great taste, the high quality ingredients (GMO free!), the 25 year shelf life and the large serving sizes per package, but we were thrilled that Legacy also carried gluten-free options!

Legacy really cares about what their consumers are eating. In fact, we had a customer who was extremely allergic to cumin and there was question as to whether cumin was hidden in the noncommittal ingredient term “and spices”. Knowing was important to our customer if she was going to be living off this food for any length of time after an emergency so Legacy cheerfully went to great lengths to come back to us within 24 hours with an answer. We now have a happy customer who won’t lose precious energy dealing with an angry immune system while she’s navigating the disaster around her.
Legacy Essentials and MegaOne Shakes are also gluten-free which gives the home prepper even more delicious and nutritious options. The problem will be to resist raiding the emergency supply for use in your daily meal preparations.
Spread the word to your celiac friends. In a world where gluten-free is often an afterthought, it’s refreshing to have choices because somebody thought of us. It should also be noted that food limitations aren’t just limited to those with celiac disease. We, at Total Prepare, can help even the cumin avoiders of the world. Call us to help you find emergency food that will fit your dietary needs so you too can count on your full health in the event of an emergency.

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