Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Movie Monday - Killer Tornadoes

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Killer Tornadoes

Understanding How Tornadoes Destroy and Kill


With tornado season just around the corner,  I thought this might be a great topic to look at this week.  The majority of tornadoes reported in Canada occur between May and September.  Sure, there have been tornadoes from January through April, and also in November and December,but the possibilities really ramp up for the 5 months in between.

This documentary will cover tornadoes from the US, and unfortunately, a lot of people will think that those devastating EF5 storms just don't happen here.  Well, those people would all be wrong.  Although rated on the older F scale at an F5, the Eli Manitoba Tornado that struck on June 22, 2007 would easily qualify as an EF5 on the new Enhanced Fujita Scale.

In this movie, you will hear a lot of references to El Nino in relation to tornadic activity.  This year, the NOAAs Climate Prediction Center has predicted a 70% chance of El Nino effects this summer.


Canada experiences an average of 62 confirmed tornadoes per year

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