Friday, November 6, 2015

The Waning Trust of Alternative News Sources

Alternative news media has long been considered a boon to preppers. With its “question everything” mantra, many issues have indeed been brought to light that conventional media was late to the party with, or missed the boat completely. Some disturbing trends within the alternative news arena have arisen of late which make me believe that it’s time to question the question askers!

Most notably, is the recent viral report of a Muslim rape epidemic in Norway. You see, a biased report by a Norwegian news program made claim that all rapes in the country were committed by Muslims…well, actually that was inferred as the term used was “non western immigrants” which is the newest euphemism for Muslim.

The report did quote a study by Oslo police, but there were a few key points that had been omitted. In fact, the police report claims that there were 6 assault rape cases in which the perpetrators had been identified. All six of these particular cases were indeed perpetrated by non westerners, 3 from the Middle East, 2 from Africa, and 1 Asian. Already we can see the Muslim rape epidemic theory just doesn’t hold water.

To make things worse, one would assume by these numbers, that there were only 6 rape cases in the country. Nothing, unfortunately, could be further from the truth. Remember, the above statistics represent only those cases where the perpetrator was “identified”. There were actually 16 cases in the same category where they were not identified, but descriptions had been given. Of those 16 cases the descriptions were 8 of African/dark-skinned appearance, 5 were western/fair-haired/Nordic and 4 looked Asian. A completely different picture all together…but the deception doesn’t end there. These are only “assault rape” cases, a very specific and minor sample of the complete picture.

More specifically, a professional translation of the actual police study reads:

The proportion of perpetrators (unique persons) of Norwegian national background is the group, whose representation increases the most, comprising 38.2% of perpetrators. Together this brings the proportion of perpetrators with a European continental background to a total of 51.9%.

Wait, what?  You mean over half of rape cases in Norway were committed by Norwegians or others of European background?  Well what do you know…the whole Muslim rape epidemic is overblown?  In fact, the Oslo police are well aware that their study has been used to paint an untrue picture and released the following statement:

Crude generalizations that have given the impression that rapists are only foreigners – and primarily Muslims – are shown to be inadequate and erroneous.

You see, here is the whole disappointing truth of the matter.  I spent about 30 minutes of research to get all this information.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the alternative news media cares to confirm what they publish, but are making virtual copy/paste reports without verification.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there.  There have been a multitude of false alarms and conspiracy theories lately.  Jade Helm turned out to be, well, nothing special, and in case you haven’t heard, the earth is indeed flat, and not a sphere!

It is indeed time to start questioning the question askers.

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