Wednesday, August 10, 2016

4 Uses for Baofeng Radios Aside From The Ham Bands

The Baofeng UV5R series radios are an exceptional tool for communicating with fellow preppers after a disaster or SHTF event disables normal communications such as land line or cellular telephones.  However, in addition to access to the 2 meter and 70 centimeter ham bands, there are a multitude of other uses for these affordable and durable radios.

  1. Monitor Emergency Services - many police, fire, and ems services communicate within the range of these sets.  Programming your local emergency services frequencies into the UV5R allows you to monitor the effectiveness (or lack of) of local services.
  2. Monitor NOAA Weather bands - the UV5R is capable of receiving all 7 NOAA weather bands to keep you informed of weather related events.
  3. FRS/GMRS - these radios can be tuned to the license free frs/gmrs channels.  Although overpowered and technically illegal for some of them in normal times, during an emergency power restrictions are removed.
  4. Monitor FM Broadcast - aside from listening to your favorite tunes, many emergency messages are broadcast over local radio stations, giving you an ear to the ground on the current crises.
In addition to their versatility on their own, Baofeng radios offer a complete line of aftermarket accessories that can customize and optimize your communications.

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  1. Useful info - I just made a cheat sheet with my local freqs. On Youtube, Pajama Prepper has some good videos on how to use the Baofeng to tune into these other freqs