Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Book Recomendation

Prepper's Home Defense

Disasters hit everywhere—hurricanes on the East Coast, tornadoes and floods in middle America, blizzards in the Rockies, earthquakes in California—and when vital services go down, looting and anarchy will ensue. This book shows preppers how to protect themselves and the supplies they have stocked during the lawlessness after a collapse.

Does your disaster preparation plan include security measures? When civilization fails and the desperate masses begin looting, they will come for your food, water and life-sustaining supplies. This book shows you how to implement a complete plan for operational security and physical defense, including:
- Perimeter Security Systems and Traps
- House Fortifications and Safe Rooms
- Secured and Hidden Storage
- Firearms and Defensive Combat Techniques
- Gathering Intelligence and Forming Alliances


Loser said...

I will likely buy this book, as I'm interested in the topic. But I wish that there was a book like this available written from a Canadian perspective. I'd like to know more about weapons, protecting yourself, and prepping as it relates to Canadian laws.

Patriotic Canadian said...

Althoughs odds are if you are making booby traps to defend your house rule of law has ceased to exist.