Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Book Recomendation

EMP - Protect Family, Homes and Community

EMP – Protect Family, Homes and Community provides a unique perspective on EMP protection. It discusses how to EMP protect sheds, cottages, homes, commercial and industrial buildings from family size to communities, to villages and towns. It presents an overview of how to shield, bond and ground buildings and how to surge suppress and filter cables. It includes a novel perspective on options on how to pay for all of this, even without government subsidies, rebates or tax credits. EMP protected solar and battery backup power ensures a 24/7 supply of electricity both before and after an EMP event. With EMP protection, lifestyle or the quality of living, increases from barely existing (as projected for the best situation in most scenarios) to thriving in a post-EMP situation for prepared communities, with further improvements and little job loss when these protections are extended to the town or county level. Chapter 2 presents a new and creative approach to "A Proposed National Plan for EMP Protection in two phases. Phase 1, a two year program, develops a few experimental EMP protected villages located in the North and South USA and coastal and inland. They become tailorable templates for high awareness, videos, seminars, webinars and training. Based on a wealth of analytical and pragmatic information learned from Phase 1, Phase 2 is fulfilment over an eight year span at many of USA counties. In addition to improved survival, other positive creations are the introduction of new products, services, open new markets and generate 7,000,000 new jobs over the next decade.

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