Wednesday, July 11, 2018

7 Must-Have Items When Going Hunting In Canada - Guest Post by Hektor E.J

There is always some kind of anxiety and excitement when it comes to hunting in countries like Canada. Many people, especially those from the United States, love going to Canada for hunting. Depending on where you are planning to hunt, it is fairly simple to cross Canadas borders by car or flight, without experiencing a lot of custom problems. Due to the lack of knowledge and also some kind of excitement, people often miss out on some important things they need to carry to make their hunt a successful one. This article will help all those hunters include 7 must have things before starting their hunting expedition.

  1. Hunting Knife
A good quality hunting knife is an essential tool for any hunter. Hunting knives come in various sizes and styles. Many hunters often pick a fixed blade hunting knife when planning to go deep into the woods. The benefit of using such kind of knives is that it possesses great cutting power and proves to be very helpful when you need to defend yourself. Out of all the knives, Swiss Army Knives are one of the most reputed ones and are hence, highly recommended.
  1. Binoculars
A pair of good quality binoculars is something which one cannot afford to miss. Binoculars help hunters locate their prey from a far-off distance and also help in keeping track of animals that could be dangerous. The best binoculars consist of fog resistant lenses along with glare. This helps hunters stay fixed at their prey while stalking them. Some hunting binoculars allow hunters to click pictures as well.
  1. Hunting Blinds
The camouflaging hunting stations act as a great camouflage tent that lets hunters shoot while staying inside it. One should always ensure to choose a blind that will be extremely quiet and stealthy. These blinds are meant to be moved easily from one place to another in order to position it downwind from the prey. When combined with a good camera, a large amount of coverage lets hunters track the prey’s movements.
  1. Tree Stand and Safety Harness
A tree stand has its architecture in such a way that it can be installed at an elevated position on a tree. Tree stands are a great way to land on unsuspecting prey. As helpful as they seem to be, they can also be dangerous if not combined with a safety harness. A safety harness ensures that one does not fall from these dangerous heights. It takes less than 20 minutes for a single person to set up a tree stand with a safety harness.
  1. Game Camera
Game cameras help in monitoring the hunting grounds, even when one is not present at the current hunting location. This camera can be used to track deer trails in order to spy on the prey. With the help of game camera, one can even determine the approximate size of an animal that has been wandering in the hunting site. With the help of Bluetooth, smartphones can also act as a remote to control these devices. Some cameras have infrared light vision so that hunters can view the 24-hour surveillance footage.
  1. Hunting Clothing
The clothes that the hunter wears plays an important role in the hunting strategy. Clothing should be chosen according to the hunting location, so that the hunter can be fully camouflaged. Clothing for different seasons is different. Gloves, boots and hats are a must in case of winter hunting and in hazardous terrains.
  1. GPS and Maps
Without a map and a GPS, any hunter can be easily lost. A good GPS will let you mark your trails, along with providing information regarding the time at which you were present at a specific site. Some GPS’ have geocaching feature that could act as a life savior for the survivalists. Also, one should not be fully dependent on the GPS and also carry a map as a backup, along with cross-checking material.


Hunting is a great way of bringing recreation to our busy lives. People planning to go on a hunting expedition should take time and choose the right, good quality hunting gear in order to stay safe. Also, extensive research should be done regarding the area where people plan on hunting. Even though hunting is an ancient skill, there are many innovative and amazing ideas being implemented in this sport every day.

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