Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Air Mattress vs Sleeping Bag - What's Better for Preppers? - Guest Post by Will Holloway

Sleep is important for our day-to-day lives, but it becomes crucial in an emergency! If you don’t get enough shut-eye in an SHTF scenario, you won’t be able to maintain your health and/or protect your family as you planned. So, it would be a huge mistake to ignore the tools you need for a comfortable slumber while prepping for a disaster.
It is scientifically proven that our brain needs this time out to re-arrange the neurons, clear out toxins, work on muscle regeneration, and tidy things up for when we wake up. But, to get at least a few hours of quality sleep when your life is in danger or you’re running away from a natural disaster can be rather tricky.
I found it helps to have the right gear to make slumber a little more comfortable, which is why you should have anything you can carry. For instance, both the air mattress and the sleeping bag are useful, but, if you were to choose in between them, which one would you take?

The Necessity

When you have to run in the middle of the night, it’s crucial that you only pack items that are absolutely necessary for survival. This includes food, water, sanitary equipment, medications, and sleeping bags. Sadly, air beds are not a necessity under these conditions and you should leave them behind.
The only reason for this is the difference is size and weight. Sleeping bags are lightweight and can be easily compressed into a small package that you hang on your backpack. An air bed, on the other hand, is bulky and heavy.
Furthermore, a sleeping bag can keep you warm without an air bed, but an air mattress won’t do the same.

Shape & Structure

Besides the fact that these two elements are very different in shape, they also differ in structure. But let’s discuss shape first.
If you’ve ever been camping, chances are you know what a sleeping bag is. It’s a light material, with insulation inside, that wraps around the body, keeping you safe from the cold and humidity. The air mattress has the shape of a regular mattress (in different thicknesses and designs) and needs to be blown up with air using a pump or your lungs.
With a sleeping bag, the inner structure is usually a series of lining materials designed to keep the heat around your body and humidity outside. On the other hand, the sleeping mattress has several chambers inside the fill up with air.


When you prepare for an emergency, you have to pack for the part (so to speak). This means that, if you expect cold weather, you should add thicker layers and insulators to your BOB, but if the weather will be hot or rainy, you need to change your perspective.
Now, the role of a sleeping bag is to be the layer in between your body and the elements. This item has to keep you warm and dry, but it doesn’t have too much insulation power. Meaning you’ll have to create a type of barrier in between your body and the ground if you don’t want to freeze during the night.
The air mattress can be the ideal barrier that protects you from the heat-sucking powers of the ground and humidity. You’ll basically sleep on a chamber of air, a few inches from the ground. So, if you combine the two, you’ll get the most comfortable outdoor sleep as possible.

In Conclusion

The answer to the question is: it depends. If you have space and the possibility to take both items, then your life in an emergency will be a bit better. But if you have to choose, the sleeping bag always goes first!

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