Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Canada Has Gone To Pot

For those of you that are expecting some politically charged rant post, you will be disappointed!  You all should know me better than that by now!


Preparedness bloggers and youtubers have been saturating their mediums over the past week over the legalizastion of recreational pot.  I'm only aa little surprissed at how this topic has come up with such gusto in the preparedness community.  Across the country pot heads are rejoicing!  

Medical Mary Jane has been available in Canada since 1999 with lots of restrictions and a prescription.  The medical benefits have been well documented and the whaky weed does indeed have it's place for certain conditions.  However, unlike antibiotics preppers have not had access to pot until now.  Preppers now have a new LEGAL natural medication for their medical tool kits.
The diggity dank can be used for pain management, increasing appetite, and as an mental escape for PTSD.  All legitimate uses for post SHTF situations.  Marijuana is a plant that is harvested and dried for smoking.  Preppers from coast to coast are making plans for producing and stockpiling this magical plant.  This is where I have a problem with most of the information being distributed by preppers who are supposed to be "in the know" about what they publish.  The problem is, most are giving out false or incomplete information.  I suspect some of them are getting high on their own supply!

Although it is the federal government that passed legalization, there are limits to the federal laws and in many cases even more so on a provincial and even local level.  As an example, before you head out to buy bulk pounds of pot, keep inn mind that you are limited to 30 grams of public possesion.  That's gonna make for a lot of trips to the weed store to get your cache fully stocked.  Another legal limit is 150 grams per household, regardless of how many individuals reside there.  So long term storage of massive amounts is NOT allowed!

Most preppers produce a lot of their own food by gardening, so it stands to reason that those with green thumbs (and green brains) would start growing their own.  Federally, this is legit to a point.  You may be allowed to grow your own, but before you go plowing up the back acres, know that you are limited to 4 plants per household.  That's the federal law, but some provinces have outlawed the practice of home grown herb altogether.

Stockpiling and/or producing stinkweed has also been discussed as a bartering item.  Personally, I'm not a big fan of bartering addictive substances for barter.  It has the potential to invite problems, but this is a personal choice you have to make for yourself.  If you believe the hype that ganja isn't addictive, think again.  Ignoring the "professional studies" I have been able to observe the 420 friendlies who have hit dry spells.  Believe me, some of them are going to get quite ingenious and even agressive in their attempts to score a puff! 

The decision whether or not to grow, aquire or stock pile pot is completely up to you.  Like everything else, there are pros and cons in doing so.  All I ask is to ignore the blunt hype some preppers are pushing and do your own research on benefits, dangers, uses, and legalities.

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